May 14, 2009

Because of an “I’ll do it if you do it,” I promised Kath I would put pictures of myself on my wordpress everyday in the month of May. And she has to do the same in July, her birth month. Details here.


I’m not weird for having taken pictures with a piano. xD;;


This is “Love U More” from Super Junior‘s Sorry Sorry album repackage (Version C) which was released today. I LOOOOVE THIS SONGGGG *______*<333333333

RYEOWOOK composed it! ^____^ I’m so very proud of him!<333
And he and SUNGMIN wrote the lyrics! I’m so proud of them! ^_____^<3

The first time I listened to it, I didn’t think it sounded very special, but after a couple times, it’s just REALLY good! :DDD I love the feel of the song and the sweetness of it combined with this sorta typical mid-tempo song but with unique elements like the pretty fall right before the bridge and Ryeowook’s awesome high note. And after a while, you start loving how “love u more~” sounds ^^

I like the line distribution too. :] This song is so great.
;____; Dammit I feel like buying the repackaged album now just for “It’s You” and “Love U More”… But I don’t wanna use money. ^^; What a pain.


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