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SQUEEEEE! Super Junior‘s new MV and song for their Sorry Sorry repackaged album, “It’s You” came outtt!<33333 I’m totally in love with it. ^^

Kibum [0:06]
Hangeng [0:22, 2:21]
Donghae [0:29, 3:29]
Kyuhyun [0:37, 1:25, 2:45]
Yesung [0:45, 2:31, 3:16]
Eeteuk [0:53]
Siwon [1:02, 3:13]
Ryeowook [1:09, 2:14, 3:22]
Kangin [1:18, 1:50]
Eunhyuk [1:32, 2:05, 2:53]
Sungmin [1:57, 2:37]
Shindong [2:09]
Heechul [2:57, 3:46]

First, I really love the concept. They look mature, which is what they were aiming for, but it doesn’t have the feel of “Sorry Sorry” that didn’t appeal to me! ^^ The whole music video is just brilliantly done, although the heartbeats at the beginning and end really freak me out. =__= Kinda unneeded.

Honestly, I think this is the kind of song and MV that you HAVE to watch several times to fully absorb it. I wasn’t feeling it the first time, but now I’m in suuuuuuuuuuuch deep love with this song and the music video. *_______* I really like the song even if it’s not as catchy as everyone says. I love how Super Junior can pull off just about every genre. xD Their voices here sound really soft and soothing and it flows~ :3

I wish, though, that they would give Super Junior big songs that actually really display their singing and rapping abilities instead of going straight for the trend, but I guess this is how you gain tremendous popularity…

And I reaaally like the choreography too! Squeee there’s poppin! ^^ I was pretty impressed by their dancing. Iono why, since I suck at dancing like hell, but I really feel like I wanna try learning this song if a dance version comes out. :O

The line distribution is SOOOOO FANTASTTICCCCCCC<3333333 Every member, minus Kibum, gets a solo! ^_____^ That rarely happens in a group of 13. Look at “Sorry Sorry.” The singers were featured in the singing, the dancers were featured in the dancing. Anyway I absolutely adore the fact that the parts are more fair. ^^ I actually don’t really mind too much that Kibum doesn’t get a line because he probably won’t perform with them anyway, busy with his acting and stuff. D:
[But I’m really happy for Hankyung, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and especially Heechul who got the whole bridge AND the high belty note! ^^ Good luck to them!]

I love the clothes! Except COUGH for Sungmin‘s ugly, oversized pants. x____X What ever were the stylists thinking..?
And I’m surprised I actually like all of their hairstyles!
Except, of course, for Kibum‘s… I’m really sorry but I downright HATE his hair here. =/

There’s so much I could and want to say about this song and music video, but it’s too much. xD I can’t wait for May 17th when they’re gonna perform this song~~~

Ahhhh~ ;___; I need someone to donate 4 bucks to me so I can buy the digital download of this song. xDD;;<3

Super Junior 30 It's You
Shindong, Donghae, Yesung, Kangin, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Kibum, Hangeng, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, Eeteuk


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  1. Ahh, another adorable picture from our lovely Ebah-chan! I really like this one~ DJ Evava ftw!!! <333. And I really like this new SuJu MV and song! The choreography is really great, too! Usually, SuJu dances are wicked hard, but this one looks simpler. The song is pure love, as well as the lyrics <3


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