May 6, 2009

Because of an “I’ll do it if you do it,” I promised Kath I would put pictures of myself on my wordpress everyday in the month of May. And she has to do the same in July, her birth month. Details here.



‘Cause I didn’t go to school yesterday, I had an insane amount of work today ;___; and wasn’t able to take a picture. Thank goodness old pictures are okay.. But then again, I made the rules xDDD~

Kekeke I’m kinda cheating a little ’cause not all my face shows :DDD But it’s okayyy because I like my headphones and I like the color of my jacket. xD

This is from the same day[well, Christmas |D] that I did that one short little video where I was whispering, “Greetings from LA! Merry Christmas everyone!” And it was the day before the day that I was going to meet Lulu but wasn’t able to. D: Darn, plans foiled twice! [The time around Christmas and the time I went there for orchestra at the same time her band came up near here.]

Someday, right? =O REAL<3


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