Sorry, Sorry

YEAHH! <3 My Super Junior “Sorry Sorry album came today! ^_____^ Yes, I bought it for my birthday because I wanted to support and I didn’t want to download any of the songs. :3
[I’m not weird for taking pictures with my CDs.. xD;;]

The packaging is totally awesome. :] The photobooklet&lyricbooklet is attached to the covers like a book! :DDD Awesome! I was always too lazy to take the booklets out and then put them back in. |D;;

Oh and I think I was just about excited about the bubble wrap as the album… :D It’s not a bad thing. It’s just bubble wrap is really, really fun and amusing. xD


I can’t say that I’m crazy about the new concept. ^^; I’ve been kinda iffy about it from the start, because to me they’re more like boys than men. xD I mean they’re just so dorky and funny and lovable and forever young, and I just personally am not always a big fan of “manly” images, but it’s alright. :3 They can pull it off anyway.

But some of their current hairstyles, I’m not fond of. What were their hairstylists thinking? D: Like for example, Ryeowook’s, Eeteuk’s, and Hangeng’s are too short. ;__; And I didn’t really like the whole messy, dirty[and in Heechul’s case, hobo] look on the album pictures. It just doesn’t hit with me. ^^;

But they did a great job with this album.



Hangeng (0:15 – 0:29) Siwon (0:30 – 0:35) Kyuhyun (0:37 – 0:43) Ryeowook (0:44 – 0:47) Sungmin (0:48 – 0:51) Eunhyuk (1:00 – 1:06) Leeteuk (1:07 – 1:13) Donghae (1:28 – 1:35) Kangin (1:36 – 1:41) Shindong (2:13 – 2:26) Yesung (2:42 – 2:48) Heechul (2:57 – 3:00) Kibum (Missing because of acting! D:)

Sorry Sorry: [MV]
I LOVE THIS SONG. x] It’s very catchy and though I’m not a huge, huge fan of the new concept, I like it. I just don’t like how the song is so electronically editted. =/ And the way it’s written just doesn’t show off Super Junior’s vocal skills, which they’re underappreciated for already. I love the bridge because Yesung and Kyuhyun always sound sooo good and Donghae’s “Gir Gir Gir Gir Gir Girl” part. But I kinda think Ryeowook’s voice sounds too child-like for this song. ^^;

Honestly I don’t really like the MV.. xD BUT I watch all of the performances because they’re just the best! :DDDDD It shows their dance and the singing is more authentic. The choreography[and their awesome friendly with the choreographers Nick Bass and Trent Dickens] is just GREAT. Though the “dan-dan-dan” parts make me laugh.. They’re really good dancers and it looks good with so many of them. ^^

My favorite Sorry Sorry performances:
Music Bank, March 13, 2009 – Comeback stage! :] But not HQ.
Music Bank March 27, 2009 – This is the one I have embedded up there. They did a great job with this one and I love their outfits! xD I’m very captivated by white and light colors.
Music Bank, April 24, 2009 – My FAVORITE Sorry Sorry perf so far. :3 First I love their outfits. Secondly, in a lot of their performances, half of the members[the ones more featured dancing] use headmics instead of handmics, so when ALL of the members use handmics, I’m kind of biased. xD It just sounds so much better! And Ryeowook at 0:44 doesn’t sound as childish as usual and fits in pretty well! :D
The only problems with this perf was some timing issues, but I really don’t mind ’cause it just shows that they’re singing live and they’re human. I like the singing in this one. AND there are new harmonies in the chorus, courtesy of Ryeowook! :] Iono why, but I just find them really charming in this performance.


Why I Like You:
Oh, this is such a fantastic song. The feel is really good and it’s catchy. It feels like it would do really well in the American music market too. :3 The chorus<3
I LOVED performances of this too! My favorite part is Yesung’s high note where the whole wave thing happens. xD It looks so cool.
Music Core, March 14, 2009 – The wave at 1:37! :D


Let’s Not…:
This is only KRY[Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung], but that’s not a bad thing because they’re incredibly talented singers. A really pretty ballad with beautiful but sad lyrics. ^^; Also, I loved the performance of this song with Donghae, Eeteuk, Siwon, Hangeng, and Sungmin on pianos. :3 It’s awesome, but the billions of pianos is kind of awkward. ^^;


HAH This song made me wish my name was Angela! :O But then that’s what everyone else said too.. xD Well whatever, doesn’t matter. This is a light-sounding, sweet song! ^^ The feel is really nice and the lyrics are kind of melancholic.  I really, really, really like the line “You’re my angel, whisper softly”~ This’ll probably be one of the songs I’ll randomly listen to while doing homework.


This is such a cool-sounding song. I really love Kyuhyun’s opening. It sets a sort of mysterious tone. The chorus sounds really nice, but for some reason, I always thought the beat placement was kinda awkward.. ^^; Eunhyuk, who does the rapping in the song, wrote the rap too! I like the layering effect of the “Reset reset reset”.


What a creepy song. xD Sound-wise this didn’t really stand out to me but the lyrics are..interesting? -sweatdrop- But their vocals are very charismatic.


What If:
Pretty much dominated by KRY, but they’re amazing so it’s okay! Another pretty ballad with emotional lyrics. I think my favorite part was the bridge?


AWESOME SONG. :DDDD U-know Yunho and Micky Yoochun from DBSK rap in this and their rapping is totally hot! Really beautiful song. KRY did a great job getting emotion across.

 (7:56:09 PM): hahahah you know what i just noticed? so in Heartquake, the beginning rap is kinda.. ^^;; people’ve been debating whether he really said, “S*** man..” and i thought it prob’ly wouldn’t be possible, but just now i was looking through the booklet and it’s written RIGHT there capitalized English “SHIT MAN” xDDD;; that’s TERRIBLE.


Club No. 1:
Featuring Lee Yeonhee. This song never stood out to me? But I can’t dislike it. :3 The feel and beat is nice. There’s too much electronic coating on the girl’s part though. D:


Happy Together:
Aw, a sweet, light, warm, lovely song! ^^ The lyrics are really sweet and happy. :] And Hankyung gets a solo line! xDD;; [His accent is very noticable hahah]


Dead At Heart:
I really, really, really like the beginning instrumental. <3 The lyrics are really sad and melancholic, but what else would you expect from a song of this name? I liked the vocals a lot though. :D A lot of members got to sing. To anyone new to Super Junior, this video shows the picture of whoever’s singing.


Shining Star:
<33333! A cheery song! I like the rapping too. :] Super Junior<3 “Til the end of time…”


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  1. Awww, you are so cute~! And I’m so happy you have SuJu merchandise! xD;;

    Anyways… I listened to all the songs because of your post, and my favorites are “SORRY SORRY,” “Why I Like You,” “Heartquake,” and “Happy Together!” SuJu = Awesome ^O^

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