Disneyland, here I come!

Tomorrow I’m going down to LA for my symphony orchestra trip. :3 DISNEYLANDDDD! Yeaaahhhh! ^____^ I’m looking forward to this trip. I think it’ll be lots of fun. <3

Just sucks that Lulu<33 is coming up here the same day I’m going down there. xD;; It just worked out absolutely stinkingly perfect. Thank you so much, fate. xP
Eva: i hope we pass by each other on the freeway! :D
Lulu: hahaha i’ll wave frantically at every bus we pass by xD

And also I still have a lung infection [been sick for a while now D:] and my skin is starting to act up a little, so I’m gonna hafta take medicine/pills in the hotel room. ;___; And my foot.. I won’t be able to walk barefoot at the hotel[or beach!</3] which I like to do. |D;; BUT it’ll be fun.

I hope I can try to blog with pictures when I’m back Sunday. :3

PS;; I want Ariel’s autograph! :OOOOOOO


2 Responses

  1. Ahhhh Ebah, you are sooooooooooooo lucky!! :D:D:D I hope you have the time of your life! =^___^= Oh, and please get well soon! <3333333

  2. Yaaaay~ have fun!!!!! Can’t wait to see pics~! Oooh, I hope you get better too! Ganbarre~ ^0^

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