Youtube Comeback: waterpixieva

Regarding my last post about quitting singing…

APRIL FOOLS! :D I hope I got somebody with that.


My new youtube account is:


Don’t expect me to REALLY quit for a long, long time. xD I love singing. Even when I’m not good at it, I just love singing anyway.

And even if dubbing groups and my lack of recording time ever stresses me out, I wouldn’t quit dubbing as a WHOLE. So there.

I hope I got somebody. :DDDDD

PS;; Thanks to Chii for playing along. ^___^ Although I did want to delete the first half of your comment ’cause you didn’t sound devastated enough. xD;;


2 Responses

  1. … You really got me, Ebah! xDDD; I really didn’t think about April Fools when I read your post. It sounded so serious!!! >__> Hahaha, very clever, Ebah!!! <3 April Fools! xD. Finally, your comeback account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_______________^ I can’t wait for you to upload tons of videos!!! -is extremely happy and excited- Waterpixieeva… I love it!!! =)

  2. Yeah, you sounded so serious! I was thinking it was an April Fools joke for some reason though xDD I was really hoping it was anyway– your new account is full of awesomeness!!!!!! ^0^ Waterpixieva~~~ LOBVE Hehehe!!!!

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