Today, the Tsubasa: Shunraiki OAD 1 came out.

D: I mean, I love Tsubasa Chronicle, but lately I just can’t stand watching the OVAs and reading the manga.. It’s just so heartbreaking… It really is. Shunraiki 1 felt really heartbreaking for me.

Unfortunately I can be the type of person that can’t take things like this easily. I hate seeing the characters in so much pain and it’s just scary. D: There’s kinda a lot of blood and stuff, and I’m not good with that. ^^;

I’m also the kind of person who gets attached easily. I’m very, very, very attached to the Syaoran and Sakura and Fai and Kurogane I knew from the Tsubasa Chronicle anime. >______< I really love them and it’s become sort of a bad thing. I mean, look at my room. [Very old pic though.]

I’ve got this really cute, idealistic poster of Sakura and Syaoran over my bed. ;____; It’s not like that anymore… All through middleschool I was literally OBSESSED with Syaoran and Tsubasa Chronicle. I was, like, completely in love with Syaoran. I mean, I have a Syaoran wallet, a Tsubasa necklace, too much other merchandise, and a SyaoSaku pic as my desktop. So I’m really attached. ;___; It’s so sad knowing that everything I loved from Tsubasa Chronicle wasn’t real. I have to admit my favorite part of Tsubasa Chronicle was the first season of the anime and everything in the manga before Tokyo and Real!Syao. D: ‘Cause Tsubasa was really sweet and funny and cool and deep.

But now it’s like DEEEEEEEEEEP. xD To be honest I’m having a hard time understanding what goes on in Tsubasa Chronicle anymore. D; It’s kinda sad.
Eva (9:51:34 PM): i bet CLAMP has a whole 1000-page long Microsoft Word document where they explain to themselves how everything connects so they themselves won’t get confused…

Not to say I don’t like it or anything. But it’s just so sad. Plus there’s too much fighting. D: And I hate knowing that nothing will ever be the same again. But it’s really good though. xD Tsubasa Chronicle is amaaaaaazingly good no matter how you look at it. I have NO CLUE how CLAMP came up with all this, but goodness they’re incredible.
I’ll always love Tsubasa even when it breaks my heart.

;___; But, but.. even my sweet Shaoran and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura


I love the clones…


Alright, Eva. Happy memories.

syaoran-and-sakura-2  shaoran-sakuratrc-picture

syaoran-and-syaoran-poster Aww, if only the two Syaos…


shaorantrc-young-icon <3

I almost feel like finishing my “Bring Me Back To Life” AMV.


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