Super Show

Today, Chiichama and I went to KathKath‘s house and we watched KathKath’s “Super Junior Super Show: 1st Asia Tour” DVD for the first time!


The whole time was so spazztastic and awesome! Every time Hangeng, Kyuhyun, or Ryeowook appeared, the excitement meter would like ZOOM up! :DDDD It was fun. I don’t usually make a lot of noise, but we were so LOUD and squealful today, and just seeing beautiful Super Junior on an actual TV was completely exciting! They made the DVD so well! [Except for the lagging subtitles though..]

We laughed so hard through most of the VTRs, especially the rollercoaster and KRY one, and throughout the whole “The Night Chicago Died” performance. Oh, and we danced along to YMCA. :D And Kath and Chii started crying during Donghae‘s “My Everything” and the ballad where Kyuhyun sang and Ryeowook played piano, so I was just like, “Omg are you guys okay..?” xDD Their voices are AMAZING. I love it when they sing live!<3 And the dance performance was great! Anything anybody says about Super Junior not having any talent is absolutely groundless.

But the best part is that when HENRY<3 came out playing electric violin during “Don’t Don”<3, we freaked out SO much, KathKath’s mom had to come in and make us shut up. xDDDDDD<33

It was fun and so not good for my heart. [Or voice for that matter.] We didn’t finish, so looking forward to next week! :D I love these girls.
Check!3 foreverrr<3

Kath, Chii, Eva


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  1. hi., may i just ask if the DVD has an english subtitles?? i hope it has

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