Ice CreaMusume

So last night, my parents were watching Chinese/Taiwanese shows as usual when suddenly I heard Ice CreaMusume‘s “Zai Meiyou Yushui Zirunde Xingqiu Shang Shi Wufa Fuchu Ai De Ba?“, the Chinese version of Morning Musume‘s “Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?” being played. [Ho man, long names. xD] And I started humming to it.

So then out of curiosity I went to my parents’ room and :OOOOOO! ICE CREAMUSUME WERE ON THE SHOW THEY WERE WATCHING. Woooooooooooooooooow! xD;; Congratulations to those girls for being on a show that’s big enough for my parents to actually watch. [Can you tell I don’t keep up with them? ;__;]


And Rainie Yang, my favorite Taiwanese actress, was on the show too! I’m currently watching her latest drama “Superstar Express / ToGetHer” which also stars Jiro from Fahrenheit, and omg she’s so much prettier without the ugly wig. xD Speaking of this, ep 5 should’ve come out..

Anyway it’s so weird to see celebrities you know on a show that your parents are watching. TT_______TT

Like when they watched shows with Fahrenheit, Ariel Lin, or S.H.E[I understand this one though] on them… Next thing you know, Super Junior-M are gonna show up. D: Which would be awesome but still WEIRD. [Like when my dad downloaded their “At Least I Still Have You” song? ;_____;]

And it’s kinda funny too because a long, long, long time ago I blogged about how my dad was watching a show called “New Star” on which the members of Ice CreaMusume auditioned and got into Hello! Project.
Oh my God.

As for me, I’m really tired lately. In a lot of different ways.


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  1. Ice Cream Musume, a great new group!

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