I was on TV!

LOL I was put on TV after all!

At school a few classmates of mine mentioned it and when they thought about it they were like, “Oh yeah! I saw you on TV!” so I kinda freaked out. xD

One of the teachers who’s friends with my English teacher uploaded it to youtube. xDDDD So I got to watch after all! ^________^ Man I TOLD you they set up RIGHT IN FRONT OF my discussion group! xD

And the awesome part is throughout all the parts I’m in, I’m relevantly in there but my face isn’t shown AT ALL. xDDDDDD;; That’s a good thing. Nobody wants to see my face plastered on their television.


I’m -obviously- the girl in blue. :D
And I covered others’ faces on MSPaint just in case. xD


2 Responses

  1. Ahhh Ebah, this is so cool! I can’t believe you were on TV! :DDD Darn, they should’ve shown your pretty face ;O

  2. Yeah~ they should have x3!!!

    Kya~ so cool!

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