To put it simply: tonight I might be on TV. xD

In USA right now there are just a bunch of crazy budget cuts and the state of California decided to take WAY too much money away from my school district. It’s a huge deal right now because my high school is one of the biggest high schools in the nation with over 100 acres of campus [7 minutes to walk to class..] and 4,000 students.

Tonight there’s going to be a board meeting at my school where the big final decisions about this district’s budget cuts are going to be made. So, a news TV crew came to my school and were filming ‘the life of our students’. There were only two classrooms they filmed in.

One of which was my English Honors class. :D

And the camera crew set up RIGHT IN FRONT of my discussion group, so I might be on TV.. xD Maybe. No guarantees, but someone in my class at least will be on television tonight which is pretty cool. :3 I half hope I’m on [that’s a good thing! I need to develop a liking for attention or else I’ll never get through an audition!] but I half hope I’m not because.. xD I’m not really the best sight to look at.

Anyway, we’ll see. ^^


>____>;; Because I never watch the news and I’m stupid, I didn’t know the news would be on at 6.. So whether I or anyone from my class was on TV today, I don’t know and I’ll never get a chance to see. My god I’m so stupid. I always do things like this I regret. But I mean, who watches the news at 6? At that time I’m eating dinner and watching Full House. Ugh. I feel like things are so unresolved now… And I know nobody’s gonna put it on the internet…
I wouldn’t even have minded if they didn’t put my class on, but god I’m never going to know for sure…


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  1. Ahhhhhh, that’s so cool, Ebah! I hope you get to be on TV! If I was part of the TV crew, I’d be like, “Oohhhh, she definitely looks like the type of girl who’s super cute and loves to sing. Let’s make her famous!” ;DDD <333

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