If U Wanna

Lately I’ve been really liking the song “If U Wanna” by KARA, a Korean girlband which I honestly hardly have any interest in. There’s only one member whose name I know and that’s Nicole. ^^; Although I really like this song, I don’t expect myself to be getting into KARA any time soon because they’re not really my taste and honestly I don’t really think they’re outstanding singers. ;____; I mean, I don’t dislike them or anything, but this is my opinion.

And honestly, my least favorite part of the whole song is the rap. xD It’s so awkward and wannabe. Long story short, although I like Nicole, I don’t get WHY she’s the rapper. Why exactly is the one with the “cute image” the official rapper? =___=;; It doesn’t really work..

And about the rap in “If U Wanna”, I don’t think you really have any rapping skills to do it. I mean, Nicole just uses her normal, high-pitched voice and tries to sound cute while RAPPING and there’s even a really wannabe part where they all go “YO”. I don’t see any talent in that. Anybody can do that rap. >__>;; I mean, they’re PROFESSIONALS so they actually SELL these songs. So I was kind of annoyed by this…

Today I had a sore throat, and I had a few minutes before my parents came home so I decided to record the “If U Wanna” rap purely for fun.

For most of it I sort of tried to imitate Nicole… xDDD;; I PURPOSELY made myself sound all fake and high-pitched and I sound so annoying and awkward. Also, I don’t know this song well at all [I learned the rap in two minutes? And man this Engrish was hard to follow ;____;] AND I didn’t record to the song, so tone and rhythm and stuff aren’t correct. Like I said, it was for fun and I wasn’t planning on completing it.
And as for the ending, I changed the tone on purpose because I personally prefer for raps to end going down instead of staying high and cutesy.

And it actually took longer to record than I thought. o___o It didn’t require any skill, really, but I’m an awkward person in real life who always stutters while talking, so I had a hard time enunciating properly. xD;; Oh and I don’t mean to say I’m better than Nicole or any of KARA because I’m not, but yeah. This was for fun. And because it doesn’t take a lot to do this rap.

PS;; Don’t mind the lyrics. I just went with whatever websites said, so the lyrics are wrong. Especially the end.


3 Responses

  1. Ahhh, one of my favorite KARA songs! Nicole is my second favorite… Gyuri’s my #1. Nicole’s raps are kinda funny sometimes xD But I really loved your cover of her rap. Honestly, back then, I think Seung Yeon was the one with the cute girl image when KARA was a 4-member group. Now, I think Hara carries that title now, lol. And Nicole us still the group’s rapper.

  2. *is sstill the group’s rapper xD

  3. So cute Ebah-chan~ x33 You know, for some reason it reminded me of “The Real Sugar Baby”

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