Super Junior is 13eyond Your Imagination

First of all, even though this is SUPER late, I just wanted to say that it’s unfortunate that Micchi and Lulu were both suspended by youtube. T.T I mean, I don’t blame youtube with the whole copyright thing. xD If it weren’t for people like us, they wouldn’t need those rules.
But anyway, MAKE SUREEEEEEEEE that you keep an eye out at their new accounts, yes? :3

Micchi – michigopyon
Lulu – djshippuu


[Credit: everlastingfriends]

Super Junior is releasing their third album on March 12.

As a Super Junior fan, I don’t know WHY I’m not all hyped up about this. xD I mean I definitely look forward to it and I’ve been keeping up with news about them, but for some reason I haven’t been as excited as I should have been.

I think now the excitement is starting to build. |D
SQUEEEEE SUPER JUNIOR IS COMING BACKKKK! <333 I’ll miss Super Junior-M and Henryyyy [and of course Zhou Mi!] but but.. Super Junior! :OOOOO


And honestly, after Donghae asked all his fans to not download their third album, I’ve been feeling reaaaaally guilty about everything I’ve downloaded… xD And I don’t plan on downloading SJ’s third album. ;___; BUT I WANT TO HEAR IT. Since he said that, I wanted to buy it soo badlyyy! BUT I’M POOORRRRR. xDDDDDDD I mean, I’ve only dedicated the last few months to spending as little money as possible, and I suppose I don’t NEED their album… But now I’m starting to want it.

TT___TT And now it’s on preorder on Yesasia… And it’s actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be… And I think preorder is cheaper… So I’m just like URGH frustrated right now about this on top of other things. xDDDDDDD;;

The main thing I’m iffy about right now is the cover/pictures/songs. xDD I heard that the album concept is going to be “sexy” which I honestly don’t really go for, but I love Super Junior nonetheless.. ^^; I think I want to see what the cover will look like before I decide to preorder or not but I’m really scared it’ll be too late. ^^;; Why? Because honestly I have a VERY innocent relationship with my parents… I don’t act like regular teenagers. Instead I act like a five-year-old. xD And my room is like a five-year-old’s room with the butterflies and stuffed doggies and Disney Princesses and the works, you know? xD I love things colorful.


It was already weird/awkward/out-of-place enough when I bought Super Junior-M’s albums and put the folder that came with it on display. But I guess, I mean… It’s 7 soft&gentle-looking young guys wearing black and white. And I mean they look so young too. xD Henry brings down the age thing.
So I don’t know how I/they’d feel if I had an album of 13 full-grown guys wearing black and trying to be mature[they’re not.. xD<3] and ‘sexy’, uhhh… ;____;

Like, what you see in that awesome video up there is like the more ‘tough’ and ‘hot’ sides of Super Junior and although I LOVE Don’t Don, I usually like songs like Marry U<3 and Miracle and Dancing Out more. [I like singing Happiness but the MV leads to a lot of misconceptions.. ^^;;] [AAAND all of Super Junior-M’s songs, thank you very much!]

Another option is to wait for a repackaged version which MAAAY have a softer cover, but it’ll probably be more expensive… xD So I don’t know what I should care about more. -cries- If they have their chests and abs showing, I am not buying it. xDDD;;

Sorry I’m rambling a lot. Lol.

Wishlist [someday..]:
-Super Junior’s third album
-Flats TT____TT Don’t you know I hate being tall…
-DVD of SJ-M’s concert in December WHY DID THEY NOT RELEASE ONE. >____<?!

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