One Year of Heaven

February 14, 2009 was 7nin Tengoku[7-person Heaven]’s FIRST ANNIVERSARY. :DDDDD <3

This is dedicated to the following awesomely amazing people:
Nami <3
Lulu <3
Micchi <3
Mari <3
Chobie <3
Ari <3

I don’t know what’s worse: the editting, the lyrics, or the vocals… xDDDDDD Warning: This was VERY poorly put together. I mean, I only had like five days. In other words, it’s bad. ^^;

Also my vocals are weaker than usual ;___; Due to my sore throat + huge amount of high notes[man I picked the worst songs xDD] + minimal recording time. You guys better like it. >D Kidding~

Happy anniversary, 7nin Tengoku!


4 Responses

  1. …Ebah.

    That. was. AMAZING.

    as always. ^^

    I looove how the songs fit together! And don’t worry about it being perfect, the feelings are what count! :) I’m sure the 7nin members LOVE it<3


    Bokutachi no uta, UNLOCK~!

  2. uwahhh ebah!!!!! THAT WAS SO UBERLY AWESOME!!!!
    Thanks for doing that for us!!!!! =DDDD
    I luvers you~~~ <3333

    Happy one year anniversery 7nintengoku~~~! I love you all too ^o^

  3. Aww, that was AMAZING. I really misshed your voice x333. I really loved it! The rapping parts were my favorite. :DDD I love you guys, my fellow 7nin members!!! Happy one-year Anniversary, 7nin Tengoku!!! <3

  4. Kyaaaaa~ I was deprived of your voice and I’m overjoyed now! I miss your wonderful voice x3 This is amazing! I really lobved the rap for U xD Genious! HAPPY ANIVERSARY 7nin TENGOKUUU!

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