Never Had A Dream Come True

After reading Namimi’s new post about Kodomo no Omocha, I started feeling really melancholic. ^^;
If you don’t know already, Kodomo no Omocha is an amazing manga and anime. It will forever be one of my favorites. The drawing isn’t that great and at first the characters and plotline will seem really shallow[especially since they’re all children], but it develops SO well and it’s just great.

I mean, it’s HILARIOUS, adorable, heart-throbbing, and will make you fall in love with its characters. :3 Sana, the main character, is just too awesome for her own good. A few years ago, a friend of mine said I was a lot like Sana because I was stubborn, liked singing, and liked to hit people a lot. xD Since then, Sana became a huge inspiration to me; she’s so optimistic, understanding, and can make anyone like her. Sana is way too cool. :DDDD I wanna be more like her!

dancing-flowers-lol      dont-cry

And then there’s Akito. He’s REALLY cute for a fictatious character. xDDDD Seriously. Back when I was really obsessed with Kodocha, I was in love with him almost as much as I was in love with Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicle. xD<3 Akito is a great character too. On the outside, he seems cold, but he’s really understanding and sweet. He always acts lethargic and sarcastic, but I LOVE that about him. His one-liners are great. There are a lot of times I feel like I act like Akito because I’m really sarcastic, but I’m not as awesome as he is. xD

The manga is absolutely beautiful.

Although it is more depressing, I have to say the manga was a lot better than the anime, though I LOVED the anime to bits. <3 The ending of the manga was completely different from the anime, and it was so well done. Really stunning, and just wow.

I remember years ago, I would stay up until 3 AM in the summer reading the Kodomo no Omocha manga when I was depressed, and I would cry my heart out every time.

It’s almost weird to think I’m not like that anymore. ^^; I used to make AMVs whenever I was depressed or really upset, and that was my cure. I think that’s part of the reason why some people said a lot of my AMVs were good at expressing emotion. xD I don’t think it was really my AMVs though, but rather their reaction to the really pretty scenes. :3 Anyway, this stopped working for me some time in 2007. ^^;; Now, I sing.

Out of melancholy, I dug up some back-up CDs and found all of my old Kodomo no Omocha AMVs/MMVs. Honestly, they’re really not that great quality-wise because they were poorly put together, but just watching these videos made me feel like I just watched the anime and read the manga again. <3

I don’t know why, but I felt like I wanted to upload this.
When I make my new youtube account, I don’t know if I plan on reuploading some of my old AMVs. But certainly I don’t think I’ll be making new ones anymore… =/ Maybe once every two years or something. xD

[HQ if you’re interested in the words.]
Manga: Kodomo no Omocha
Song: Never Had A Dream Come True – S Club 7
Made: May 8, 2007


………..I just remembered something. I made a Kodocha AMV to “Where’d You Go?” by Fort Minor that I really liked. And I can’t find it in any back-up CDs. I think I lost it when my old computer crashed. That’s..pretty…sad. >_______<

OMG I FOUND IT. PRAISE THE LORD. <333333333!!!!!!!!
Ohh I can die happy now~! Speaking of dying happy, I LOVE KKOTBODA NAMJA. O____O Episodes 9 and 10 were so good. Keke~ :DDDD


8 Responses

  1. I have to agree Kodocha is a great anime.
    I’m currently watching it and other anime such as Cardcaptors Sakura and Tsubasa which are both great.

  2. I agree 200% with you. Kodocha has won over my heart in the first few episodes. I’m at like, episode 65, and I keep crying because the end is near for me. ;____; I’m at the part where Sana and Naozumi are going to… that place. ;O -is trying not to ruin it for people who might read this comment- xD

    Sana (SUPER ADORKABLE) + Akito (SUPER HAWT/MYSTERIOUS) = <333333333333333333333333!

    There are specific episodes which I never get tired of watching over and over and like you, I watch them when I’m depressed. Already, Akito and Sana have become my favorite anime couple! .>;

    you honestly did a great job i think u should do more

  4. DUDE, I think thats just AN AMAZING VIDEO AND HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT CINAMATOGRAPHY OR IN ENGLISH MAKING MOVIES OR FILM REELS BECAUSE YOUR GOOD AT IT. Also im looking for a series called mammote! lollipop and i own a bookj the second one but do you by chance know where i could find the manga online to read causer thats how im reading fruits basket I was just wondering?

  5. i LOVED that video and i love the books to

  6. I ♥ It… *Blush*

    I ♥ Your manga U Edit… :)

  7. interpretation des reves, signification des reves…

    […]Never Had A Dream Come True « Sing Your Dreams[…]…

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