My Would-Be Self

^^ Sorry I haven’t been updating recently. I’ve been waiting for stuff to happen, but there’s still nothing really going on worthy of blogging about. xD I mean, stuff has been happening, but they’re too boring to write a whole post about. Like my skin got really worse. If you don’t know already, I have a sort of skin condition and its symptoms come and go. =/ And right now, it’s showing heavily on my face, which SUCKS. I saw like three dermatologists, had a physical check-up, AND had to take scary blood tests[>____<!] recently, so I’ve been somewhat busy. At the moment I have to take 12 pills a day. xD And there are a lot of things I’m not allowed to eat. =/ In my mind I’m ranting about all these restrictions, but I won’t bring that to my blog. xD

Lots of people updated blogs lately, so I was inspired to update too~ :3

For the past few weeks I’ve been a bit obsessed with Shugo Chara. xD I’m actually really behind on the anime so I did spend a few days watching episodes nonstop, which pretty much fed my mind with Shugo Chara thoughts. xD I won’t start on that ’cause I won’t be able to stop. [ASDFJISF OMG PRISM MUSIC IS LIKE THE BEST!] And I just started learning the “Minna no Tamago” dance two days ago, which I plan on dancing with Lulu, Nami, and Micchi. :DDDDD I mean, I already have the Amulet Spade cosplay.<3

Anyway, this is a response to Micchi’s blog.
“If you had a Shugo Chara that chara changed with you, what’s your would-be-self? “

I don’t think I would have one Shugo Chara. xD I’m a bit like Amu. A lot actually. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with Shugo Chara the moment I started watching it. I kind of have a split personality thing going on. Lol.

Most of the time, I hide what I’m feeling or how I want to be. A lot of times, I act differently just because I don’t want the people around me to be like, “Eva, that’s not like you at all..” I used to always say that half of who I am is because of what the people around me think.

Like at school, I’m always so shy and quiet and I almost never smile in class. Around my school friends, it’s considered weird for me to act girly. And then with my parents and family, I’m always the calm and cool person who doesn’t like to display emotion or interest in anything. D: Overall, I’m very stubborn.

Honestly I don’t know what kind of person I am. xD I’m not very cute and I’m not very cool. I’m not very confident, but I say what I want to when I want to. I think I’d have like a billion Shugo Charas. xD Actually, that wouldn’t be very fun, huh. =____=;; Hm, but I guess mostly I’d want my would-be self to be a character that everybody likes. :D And one that understands people well. Because I’m socially-challenged~

This year, I plan on trying to be myself as much as possible!
‘Watashi no kokoro, unlock!

-insert sparkly background music-


5 Responses

  1. ~ I hope your skin gets better!!!

    Ah, I agree with you there! Just recently I’ve been trying to talk more, because everyone keeps telling me I’m too quiet. But then they said that I’m acting differently and it’s not in my character xD;; So I got confused. I’d probably have more than one Chara too~~

  2. oooo, cool :D It’d be so cute if you guys would dance it~ ^O^

    Btw, D: Sia told me she asked you to join this one groupdub, but you never answered her?
    So I told her to ask you through your blog, but she thought it’d be kinda weird so I’m asking it :D
    (The song is Secret Base)

    I miss youu~ ;O;<!3

  3. Awww, Ebah, I’m sure your skin will get better. :). Haha, I’ve been in that situation before. xD When I first started high school, sometimes, my teacher would sometimes forget I was there, since I barely talked. So, like you and Michigo, I tried to talk more and people would be like, “Woah… This isn’t like you.” ID and I’m so happy we’re going to see Ebah dance soon!!! <3

  4. @Micchi: Thank you! ^____^

    EHHH? O____O When did she ask me? xD Was it through Youtube or something? ‘Cause I never got any messages from her or IMs or anything… T.T I miss you too! <3

    Thanks! :D Hahah I have no problem with talking. ^^ I don’t talk a lot in class, but my teachers aren’t surprised when I talk. It’s just that I don’t say anything when I don’t have anything to say. :3 But it’s like the way I act.. Like if I suddenly wore a pink shirt to school, everyone would be like, "ROFLLLL EVA YOU LOOK FUNNY." ;__;

  5. I~ don’t know when she asked you, but I think she sent you e-mail(?) you should maybe email her or something ^^<3

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