Super Junior M Show Hong Kong

So, if you remember from before, I REALLY wanted to go to Hong Kong[hahah, prayed everyday Dx] so that I could see Super Junior-M‘s first concert. Well, their two back-to-back concerts just took place December 27 and December 28. :D I waited until now to write this post so more pictures and fancams would surface.


Although it makes me sad that I couldn’t be there to support them, I’m reaaaally happy that their first concerts were COMPLETE SUCCESSES. ^____^ They were the AWESOMEST concerts I’ve ever known! ♥ If they don’t come out with a DVD, I will cry. D: ‘Cause for once, I have permission + money to buy it. But I hope they at least broadcast it, so I can download.

Anyway, this is not a recap post. Just a fangirl one. :D With lots of bias.


[I don’t own ANY of these pictures or videos.]


Okay, I HAVE to start with SJ-M’s performance of Guang Liang’s
“Tong Hua” because ♥♥♥!!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE this song. I’m still trying to learn it on piano and I wrote the pinyin lyrics in the sheet music! =O This song is BEAUTIFUL and MV is so sad. Guang Liang’s voice is just so good, too. Okay, enough about that.

[Upload credit: ChocoPrincezz @youtube]
[Quality is a LOT better here, but takes longer to load.]

If you can’t tell who’s who:
0:12 Donghae
0:27 Zhou Mi [His voice *___*]
0:40 Shiwon
0:54 Ryeowook [<333!]
1:08 Kyuhyun [<3!]
1:22 Zhou Mi
1:46 Hangeng [xD I love him, but I find it funny that he, the leader, is the only member who has no vibrato.]
2:00 HENRY HENRY HENRY HENRY! He was out of tune at the beginning, but he did HELLA well after! His voice improved a LOT! His vibrato developed so much! ^____^ Oh, happiness! ♥
2:14 Ryeowook
2:28 Kyuhyun
3:10 Beautiful moment. ^^
[3:36 Hangeng]

Can’t see faces, but the audio is SO HQ! <3 BEAUTIFUL.
CLICK HERE to download mp3. I originally downloaded the mp3 rip from summerdream@soompi and editted out all the ugly clicks. Then ripped a version off youtube that had the ending part of the song and editted that in. [You can tell by the change in quality.] This might be the best thing you can get until there’s a high quality full fancam, broadcast, or maybe DVD. Take advantage of it.


[Credit: candychu91 @youtube]
[Recommended HQ]

This is Henry’s dance + violin solo. ^___^ It really isn’t my type of thing, but DANG IT’S HOT. That’s solid talent right there.♥

Anyway, the whole thing starts out in the dark. A voice goes, “Yo Henry!” and Henry shows up leaning on the “S”! And he beatboxes! DDDx FREAKING MORE TALENT. I’m pretty sure it is prerecorded though. All of it should be except when he’s playing violin. The voice doesn’t sound like it’s Henry talking, but who knows. The whole thing is HELLA ghetto. xD But that’s Henry. It’s still awesome though.

Naw, man…” -thinking face- “One, two, three, four.” -dances- “No.. That’s not it.” -dances again- “Whoa! Cool. -smiles- Huh. I could go with this.
A’ight. I get it. Let’s go for a ride.

Then at 3:38, he starts playing/dancing “Storm”! =O That’s like Henry’s signature violin performance! The mics at this concert were REALLY good, so you can hear his violin’s perfect tone quality! DDDDDDx Of course, the feature points of it are his moonwalking and the AWESOME back thing at 5:21. -devoured by envy and admiration-
And and I like what he’s wearing! xD Hahah, sorry. It’s just that after all these months, he finally gets to wear something NORMAL and REALLY NICE. :D Henry’s the kind of person who looks REALLY good in dress shirts.

[Closer, but shorter version.]


[Credit: netaly @youtube]


This is Ryeowook on piano and Kyuhyun on clarinet performing Teresa Teng’s “The Moon Represents My Heart” <33333333333! SQUEEEEEEEEE. That’s like one of the best classic Chinese songs ever! My parents taught me how to sing all the Mandarin lyrics to this song when I was 3. :D I still don’t know what they mean, but I still remember the lyrics for the most part. ^^ I didn’t know Kyuhyun could play clarinet. D:


[Credit: xsingingxfaeriex @youtube]

So during Super Junior-M’s 100-day anniversary event in July, Henry and Shiwon did a rendition of Wang LeeHom’s “Julia” where Shiwon played drums and Henry played violin&sung. :DDDD WELL THEY TEAMED UP AND DID IT AGAIN. ♥♥!

Omoooo I LOVED the first time they did it to DEATH, and =O I think I like this one even more! Even though Henry’s cut his lovely hair since then.. ^^;; But his vocals seem more stable and confident! Ehhh, and you can’t really hear the drums, and the violin was rushed. I dunno. The first one seemed better, but somehow I like this one a little more. Love these two and their talent. Waiting for more fancams. =3


[Upload credit: ChocoPricezz @youtube]
[If you wanna see translations, they’re at the side here.]


As long as there’s Henry and Zhou Mi, and the rest of them have a Canto translator, I’m extreeeeemely happy. ^^ Henry’s adorable. His, “Because we REALLY like you all!” at 1:03 is like LOL. HENRY THAT WAS SO CHEESY. He’s so fail. I love him. It’s hilariously cute how he struggles so much to find the right words. xD And Zhou Mi~~~ He has an accent, but he’s speaking CANTONESE. D: <3 His singing in Canto is SO WIN. And Kyuhyun at 5:11 with his cheatsheet. xDD He’s cheesy too. “You mustn’t like anyone else,” he tells us.

Tehe. If a broadcast or DVD comes out, I’ll consider subbing.


For now, that’s all for videos. Hangeng did a solo dance where he threw his hat out into the crowd! D: Lucky fan. And Donghae’s solo… was pretty crazy. xD Another lucky fan. Hahah. There are so many fans out there crying in envy right now. ^^;; [Horrible, horrible lyrics… xD]

henry-lau-207 henry-lau-208
HAHA bias. Henlii, that’s a rose and not a ball, kay.

D: Another reason why this was an epic concert is because of all the fan interaction. SERIOUSLY. LUCKY GIRLS. Looks like everyone had fun.

[Uguuuuuu the quality is bad when these pics are shrunken.]
LOL I love these. They, like, tell a story. So fail’y. xD
So here they are, all struggling and making faces trying to open the bottles. :D

Now Donghae[his cork is flying!], Hangeng, and Zhou Mi get theirs open. Henry does too, but his spills all over the table. xD And Shiwon’s like, “>:O”

LOL Donghae joins the spillfest, Henry laughs at Ryeowook who’s obviously having trouble, and Hangeng tries to help Shiwon.

In the end, Kyuhyun finally gets his open and Henry takes Ryeowook’s matters into his own hands. Now Zhou Mi’s like, “xOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Lol. Oh, their faces. The end~


Now, for one of the best parts of the whole concert. The encore.






They are SO cute. Totally unexpected and such a great Christmas present to their fans! >w<~ And what’s even better is that they sang CHRISTMAS SONGS. IN ENGLISH. ENGLISH. ENGLISH. ENGLISH ENGLISH. -dies-


They sang “All I Want for Christmas is You”! <33333!!!!!!!!!! OMG. I totally daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid when I first found out about that. They are so sweet! And ASDFJFSLI. All I wanted for Christmas was to go to HK and see SJ-M. LOL. Didn’t get that. -pout-

I absolutely loved it. I find it funny that they sang “Feliz Navidad”. xD Korean, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English… and now Spanish? Haha, love them. The choreography for the whole thing is so ROFL. It’s so stupid and ridiculous and adorable and energetic and hilarious! :DDDDDDDDDD

But mostly I loved “All I Want for Christmas is You”. ♥ I love Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s opening to the song. Beautiful. They have such gorgeous voices. And the rest of it is SO CUTE. All of their English improved a lot! ^^ BUT MOSTLY, HENRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. ♥ ♥ ♥ HENRY ENGLISH. <3 He got SO many solos lines! I’m so happy for him! He did awesomely! >____<~~ His voice is so crisp and yummy. HAHAH. Iono where that came from. Don’t mind me. I’m a fangirl. I’m allowed to use “yummy” as an adjective for describing guys. Whooo~

[1:17, 1:29, 1:54, 2:06, 3:05] :D Bwuaha.

“Jingle Bells” was cute too. ^__^ The only people who got solos were Henry and Shiwon, but oh well. Still awesome. And they went around throwing goodies to the fans, too. DDDDD: Plastic balls and fake flowers, I think. BUT STILL. Luckyyy.

I LOVE this picture. xD It’s like Henry is Santa Claus and the rest of them are elves listening intently to his pwnsome English singing. :D:D Just so cute. Mochi Claus♥


Can you feel the love? :D<3 Thanks for reading, if you actually read this.



Santa Hangeng says bye bye! :D:D
I might edit this post later on if I find better stuff or if a good HQ Marry U fancam w/ Henry’s rap surfaces. ^^

This was seriously the best concert I’ve ever known.
I love Super Junior-M because they care a lot about their fans, always try their best, and are just SOOOOOO talented in so many different ways! Congratulations, boys, on a successful first concert. :D♥


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