Lotta Love

I’ve been meaning to type this post for quite a while now. ^^;; Actually, I never really felt like doing it, but whatever. I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, so let’s just catch up with me. =3 You guys need to update more often too!

★Miyabi – Eva
★Momoko – Zoey
★Airi – Nami

This is KawaiiiMusume‘s newest groupdub, “Rottara Rottara” which was uploaded on December 7. ^____^ It’s like my favoritest KM video, though I really love “Miss Love Tantei” as well. I sounded suuuper fake and weak in that one, but I got to duet with KathKath, so I love it. <3

But this one, I actually really like a lot. ^^ The song is awesome, I love Buono!, and though the music video is pretty simple, I think it matches well and is really cute! And and I got to sing with Nami and Zoey! :D:D Awesomeness. It sounds reaaally good. This is also probably my best singing in KM altogether. =O Yay.


Um.. Actually I think there was other stuff and other videos I wanted to talk about. Dx But I forgot it all. T.T So I guess next time.

Oh yeah! ^_____^ I’m going to LA for Christmas! There’s a big chance I’ll get to meet Lulu! <3 My REAL love. xD -reference there only some people will get-


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