(11:35:39 PM): what are you doing?
Eva (11:35:49 PM): SPAZZING
Eva (11:35:50 PM): OVER
Eva (11:35:51 PM): HENRY
Eva (11:35:52 PM): PIANO
Eva (11:35:53 PM): AND SINGING
Eva (11:35:56 PM): OMG Dx

(11:35:59 PM): again?

OH MY GODDDDDDD. <3 Eva is dead. No, she’s died and gone to Henry Lau heaven! DDDx Henry… playing piano… and singing… I think my life is complete. Hahahah. Kidding. <3 :D:D

Okay, sorry. I’ll try to be coherent now. -waited couple minutes-


First of all, I hope you all can see why Super Junior is loved so much. They’re really talented in so many fields and have great personalities. I really love the fact that some of them are REALLY good at playing instruments. Especially Henry. Surely you’ve seen him playing violin by now, yes yes? He owns that instrument. <3

And now it’s proven that not only is he freaking epicly awesome at violin, he is at PIANO too! -dies- He’s sooo goood.. <33 Now, I play both violin and piano, so I know how hard it is to be good, since I suck. xD But Henry is like wow. I completely admire this boy.
According to my friend, he played a song from Jay Chou’s “Secret” and wow.. completely amazing… Jay Chou’s amazing at piano and it looks like Henry’s up to par with him.

I like this video the best because you can clearly hear Henry’s singing. :D:D<3 He may not be a fantastic singer, but -melts- HENRYYY. His voice is really nice! He was the one who got the least lines on the ME album, so I love it whenever I get to hear his voice. xD It was really beautiful. It’s just that he does the same thing I do: practically scream and build up the high notes. D: But other than that, it was a gorgeous performance.

[Credits: pri3an @ youtube]
High Quality Recommended

Here, though, is the full performance, including both the crazy awesomeness and the beautiful singing. :D Either way, I’m happy.

I was gonna blog about videos and groupdubs and stuff, but… xD I just had to take this opportunity to spazz over Henry awesomeness. Actually, if I hadn’t, my heart may have exploded. Ehh, oh well. :D The woes of having a fangirl heart.


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