Black Friday

Dx So, yesterday was Black Friday and it was also my first time actually doing it. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is: every year, the day after Thanksgiving, most stores have huge sales and there’s chaos all over. .____. Um, yeah. xD So yesterday was pretty much one of the most crazy days of my life.

It actually started on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. My friends and I were kinda confused over our plans and in the end, at 10:30 PM, I went and asked my parents if I could sleep over at Kojiru‘s house. o____o
First of all, my parents are people who never let me sleep at my friends’ houses, or almost ANYWHERE away from home if they aren’t there. Second of all, asking at 10:30 PM is VERY last minute. My whole day is, like, automatically scheduled. xD That’s why I’m the boringest person in the world. There’s not a speck of spontaneity in my life. :D

O__o And after a while, they actually let me do it. :D:D So I slept over at Kojiru’s house and we woke up at 4 AM. =___=;; Crazy… Actually, she woke me up with her cat. .__. Ouch.

TT___TT And then… We spent 8 hours at the mall… Walking and shopping… Lol. Hella tiring, and there is NO way that is good for my foot, which by the way hasn’t healed completely yet. But oh well.

When I got home, I was really tired. At 7, I was already falling asleep in my chair. Dx So I decided to take a nap, which is weird ’cause I’m the kind of person who NEVER takes naps. ‘Cause if I sleep in the middle of the day, I won’t be able to fall asleep at night. Like I said, my whole day is practically scheduled. So I went to sleep at 7 PM…………
And when I woke up, it was 9 AM, the next day.
Rofl. 14 hours of sleep. Didn’t turn off my laptop or anything.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy. :D I bought some jackets. And thank God, because I thought I was gonna freeze this Winter. And and some really cute stickers. =O



One Response

  1. lol it looks like you had fun^^
    man i got a freaking sweater at black friday
    (hahah i’m a loser XD)

    lulu says that your going to mix!
    sorry my voice is tooo terrible…
    i didn’t sing for like 7 monthes and my beautiful voice
    turned too crap. my mom says it’s common……for singers.
    So keep singing EVA! don’t loose your beautiful voice!

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