Golden Twilight

So, today is Twilight Legend/Totally Up! Project‘s 1 year anniversary! ^____^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY<33

In honor of this, the shuffle group Golden Twilight was secretly formed for the single “One Year of Memories“.
The five members of the group are Twilight Legend‘s Purply, Michelle, and Danica, and J-unior SWEET‘s Nami and Eva[me], all from generation 1 of their respective groups. This is a really unique release and for such a grand occasion. We worked really hard for this, so please please leave a comment on the Youtube videos! ^^


[Download FULL version here]
Track 1: Kioku no Meiro
Mixed by: Eva
Takahashi AiDanica
Tanaka ReinaMichelle
Yajima MaimiNami
Shimizu SakiPurply
Maeda YuukaEva


Track 2: Cinderella Complex
Mixed by: Michelle
Vocals: (In order of hearance) Danica, Michelle, Nami, Eva, Purply
Harmonies: Nami


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