Happy Halloween!

:D:D I went trick-or-treating today. It’s like the second time I’ve ever gone trick-or-treating in my whole life. xD Kind of sad, but really cool that I still get to do this kind of stuff while I’m a teenager! ^_____^ Honestly, it feels weird to call myself a teenager because my friends and I are really immature. Sometimes, it’s a different kind of immature, but we all don’t act our ages nonetheless.

So, I was Amulet Spade from Shugo Chara for Halloween.

[Homemade outfit, so lots and lots of changes were made. D:]

^^;;;; I promised I would put up pictures of myself dressed as Amulet Spade for Halloween, but I couldn’t really get full-body shots of the outfit ’cause my arm doesn’t reach that far. .__.

And I’m the “photographer” of my group, so obviously nobody’s going to run around taking random pictures of me.

:D:D When Amulet Spade meets Haku.

[Spelling might be wrong ’cause I know nothing about Naruto. O____o Just a picture with my friend Kenny who cosplayed an anime character as well. |D]


2 Responses

  1. Kawaii! Kawaii! Kawaii! Ne Ebah-chan, you are beautiful, and a ultra super awesome singer, and you have a fun and amazing personality!!! Sooo, don’t say your life isn’t fair xDDD Happy *one day after* Halloween Ebah-chan~!

  2. Cute outfit!
    I took a picture with Amu Hinamori at Youmacon on Saturday.

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