=O I just realized that I haven’t blogged for a week! Ahh, it’s been so long. Before, I couldn’t last without blogging at least once every other day. T.T But everyone else is busy, so I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read so often…

Anyway, my life is boring… So boring… It’s been a really long week… Sigh. At the moment, nothing’s going on in my life. Nothing’s going on in my head. I was feeling really confused previously, but now I just feel kind of lethargic. .__.

I have lines to do, too.. Sigh. Yesterday I had a 5-hour recording period, because my parents went to visit my grandpa and I had just recovered from a fever, so obviously it would’ve been bad if I got old people sick… Also, my foot isn’t completely healed yet, so the stairs would’ve been annoying. Anyway, I wasn’t able to make good use of it. >____< Before, I always complained my voice was dead, but now it’s gotten even worse. Halfway through, I just completely stopped ’cause my throat was hurting that much.

I really miss being able to sing out loud and free as much as I wanted to. =[ Before, I could sing all I wanted, but I wasn’t really that serious. Now, I can’t sing, but I really have the mindset to improve at singing. I mean, I’ve almost always been focused on improving, but now I REALLY want to work hard.

Next year, I’m going to try to audition for SM Global and AVEX.

So this whole coming year, I’m going to try my best. >____< First I wanna heal my voice… Then starting next year, I’m REALLY gonna start training. Singing out of diaphragm, vibrato, not shouting so much, increasing endurance… On top of that, I really wanna learn how to dance once my foot gets better. >___< And and despite the fact that I’m already learning French in school[blech], I’m gonna learn more Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean[K-Study with Kath on Fridays!]. Also, I’m gonna be practicing speaking in front of people since my English class has, like, a thousand annoying Socratic Seminars each week. =___=;;;

My head hurts…


[No specific order + means to exclude anybody intended.]

Like my door?


3 Responses

  1. Haha, yeah, the past week has been pretty boring for me, too. I’m really happy that you’re feeling better!!! You always improve with every dub you sing, which reminds me…. MAKE A NEW YT ACCOUNT! xD;;; Sorry…

    Ooohhhhhhhhhh, you should definitely audition for one of the companies!!! You have so much time to prepare for it!!! And good luck with the dancing! I’m sure you’ll be a star very soon!!! <3333333

    Awwwwwww, I don’t like your door. I LOVE IT. :DDDD
    Haha, and we’re all fans of you, Ebah… <3333333333

  2. Ebah, I haven’t sing with you in a long time, it’s making me sad~~I agree with Namimi’s all caps shout~ we gotta sing together sometime after you feel all better~~~ and your plans for the future looks awesome~ so many languages to learn XDD I’m also learning Japanese~ maybe we could practice~~ XDD

    and I looove your door~~ XD it makes me wanna make one too~~

  3. awww love your door Ebah-chan it’s so cute.As Marippe said,I WANNA MAKE ONE TOO!! hehe

    Also, I’ve got to learn my japanese too
    ok Angeru must…..start….learning…japanese XD

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