Reasons to Love Henry Lau

Henry, the violin prince from Super Junior-M.

Ahh I can’t believe he’s 19 already. |D I seriously admire this boy, in many ways. From Don’t Don days when he put up with all the ELF that hated him, to when he debuted in SuJu-M in April and did his best no matter what. I’m probably just another fangirl, but Henry has been the biggest inspiration to me.

Happy birthday!

And this is why you just can’t not love him…

[I don’t take any credit for any of these pictures. I found them all off random websites or from people.]

1. He’s one of the 7 members of Super Junior-M.

2. His mochi cheeks are pinchable.

3. But unfortunately, he’s also strangle-able.

4. He’s cute.

5. He plays violin and is AMAZING at it.

6. He plays piano.

7. He has an awesome doll that looks like him.

8. He’s got an awesome-looking violin.

9. He’s gorgeous. |D

10. He has reaally nice hair. :D

11. He’s the little kid of Super Junior-M.

12. He seemingly can’t swim. |D


13. He’s spoiled. [Especially to Daddy Shiwon.]

“Whee! Carry me!”

14. He’s spoiled. Part 2.

“What a nice day to take a stroll…”

15. He’s spoiled. Part 3.

16. He can fit in small places.

17. He can sing. [AND play violin. :D]

18. He’s got a really nice side profile. |D

19. He makes a good arm-rest.

20. He can’t make a heart with his hands, but makes a darn good circle. [And can imitate it with his mouth~]

21. He is indecisive. xD

22. He is dorky.

23. He is dorky. Part 2.

24. He’s extremely random. xD

25. He can wear shiny polka dots and still look good. |D

26. He can fly! And play violin at the same time!

27. He makes the best faces ever.

27. He can just randomly poke Shiwon.

28. He makes the cutest “lost” faces.

29. He makes the best “Why me?!” faces.

30. He has the funniest reaction to being kissed.

31. He rocks at limbo.

32. He looks great in a suit.

33. He can be really hot. |D

34. He’s an AMAZING dancer.

35. He’s AMAZINGLY talented in violin.
[D: See that vibrato? And skillful spiccato?]

36. His occasional fail in understanding Chinese is adorable. =3 He’s such a cutie here. I love this clip. The whole thing is HILARIOUS.

37. He’s really sweet.

“Okay, big sister. ^ ^”

38. He plays so strongly that strings on his bow break. |D

39. He’s good friends with Hankyung.

40. He’s good friends with Ryeowook.

41. He’s considerate.

42. He’s, unfortunately, extremely easily influenced by Ryeowook. |D

43. He hides when he knows Ryeowook’s going to call on him.

44. He’s good friends with Donghae.

45. He’s good friends with Jaejoong from DBSK!

46. He’s good friends with SHINee! <3

[Hugging Key, Taemin, and Minho :D]

47. He’s good friends with Taemin from SHINee! <3Magnae love! xD Yaa~ Henry, don’t influence this innocent boy..

48. He’s good friends with Super Junior.

49. And Super Junior love to imitate him. xD

50. He’s met Fahrenheit[Taiwanese band].

51. He’s met F4[Taiwanese band].

52. He makes the best “lazy” expressions.

53. He’s got a great smile.

54. He’s on a drinking cup. |D

55. He’s on a Rubik’s Cube! D: You could play with him all day… Kidding.

56. He can stand in the middle of the street, throw his arms out, take a picture, and still walk away looking cool. ^^

57. He has an adorable dimple.

58. He loves to joke.

59. He loves to joke. Part 2.

60. He loves to joke. Part 3.

61. He’s very threatening.

62. He has really nice handwriting!

63. He likes to wave to fans. :D

64. He can be a damsel in distress.

65. He’ll be the first to point out something in an elevator.

66. He teaches the other SJ-M members how to play violin.

67. He teaches the other SJ-M members how to play violin. Part 2.

68. He’ll be fed like a baby birdie.

69. And then he’ll feed himself some more icing.

70. He walks down the red carpet holding his violin case.

71. He can be my waiter anytime. |DDDDD;;

71. He can speak AWESOME CANTONESE. <3

72. He’s from Canada and can speak fluent English.


74. He says “Love, Oh baby my girl~” and does the beginning rap in “Marry U”!

75. He has an INCREDIBLE English rap +violin part in “The Moment”! <3

76-Infinity. He’s Henry Lau. What more do you want? ^^


50 Responses

  1. Wow… amazing xD 79 reasons… that ish a lot! I lobve him already xDDDD I must make one of these things one day!!!

  2. Ok I just read this like 4 times.
    I’m officially a Henry fan.
    Oh and btw I’m taking your pictures.
    He’s just too cute!!!

  3. man, i love all these reasons..awesome!
    what i love most is the no. 37…
    you can actually talk to him?!
    i wanna know the website!!!!!
    please please tell me….
    please do leave me a comment on

    i made that page for henry’s fans!!!!

  4. @sweetpotato-
    At you can send messages to Super Junior-M. :D But it costs money. =/

  5. Henry Makes me happy
    and this list makes me even happier ^^
    i love the boat clip with him and Siwon i literally want to squeeze him XD

    And i love the song the moment because of Henry i nearly fainted (seriously) during his rap and violin solo
    I<3 Henry

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love henry soooooo much i read through this like 6 times hes so cute.
    i love suju and sj-m

  7. visit my site i made about SuJu-M!!

  8. ya so my site is

    visit it!
    do it!
    u know u wanna!

  9. its

    Henry is adorable <3


  12. sweet baby jesus…i love henry!!
    i want that plushy of himself!!!!
    omg…that english rap <3<3<3 pure love!

  13. He’s so cute and talented and awesome!! I LOVE HENRY!!! <3

  14. w0o0owww he is the one that plays the violin?
    omg i admire how u did that.
    that was just AWESOME.
    i ussualy like listenign to dont don to hear that part of the song.
    and btw ur good friends with ryeowook?
    aw man lol,im dying for him.
    i love him so much…i try to get contact with him but i have no way:(
    u cant imagen how much i love him.if he ever needs a transplant or something i would be the first to offer him my organs.thats how much i love him(this aint a joke i really mean it:( but besides that lol super junior rocksssss.
    and now that ur in the group ull make it even better:)

  15. This is an absolutely WONDER page.
    Henry Lau is amazing and adorable … and SUCH a strong person. (It disgusts and saddens me that so many people in ELF were so mean to him … it’s terrible and surely painful for both him and Zhoumi.)

    I’m now a Super Junior fan, and that’s because of Henry. His part in Don’t Don was what caught my attention. My first thout was ~ “o_0 … that was so cool – I have never seen such a bad-ass violin performance.” Lol + he speaks English (which I found out later).

    Please bring SJM with you when you go back home to North America … please? I would love to go to one of their concerts (but I live in the USA, which is rather far from Asia >_<).

    Anyway, thank you so much for making this page. There is not enough love for Henry in the SuJu fandom world. He deserves so much better.

    Henry Lau fighting!!!
    (You have my support and admiration.)

  16. WoW~ it seems that you are a BIGBIG fan of Henry.
    you must spend a lot of time in doing this~

  17. aww he’s adorable i love him♥

  18. yhea…that’s right..i’am elf.. but i like henry too.. i can’t hate him..he’s so amazing….especially at playing violin..why elf must him..there’s no reason…
    sarang hae oppa…

  19. I love henry too!

  20. Henry is just so adorable and adorkable at the same time….Haha…I am addicted to magnaes!!!!

  21. KYAAA~! Henry’s hot!!!! <3

  22. wahh! i love this!! when i first saw him i thought he was cute, so i searched him up and this made me love him even more!!! <3

  23. Awww! Henry is so cute! <3
    His Mochi cheeks :3
    I love Him^^

  24. does anyone know which performance was the one where SJ imitated Henry’s part in don’t don?

  25. whoaaa i love henry!! <3 <3 <3
    his face, his attitude, his talents.. are so awesome!!

  26. […] kinda lazy to do a full-blown b-day post but please do refer to my somewhat epic post from last year: Reasons to Love Henry Lau. :3 SOMEDAY when I’m……not AS lazy, I swear I’ll add on to it xD For now, […]

  27. you cool!!

  28. I just realized the picture of 56 was of him in downtown Toronto ! I’ve been there so many times ! Grr .
    He was in the same city as me and I didn’t know or hear about him until I learned about Super Junior this year .

  29. I love other hot positions of him. When spots are looked at. VERY HOT

  30. i so lovely SJ-M.You are so cool.

  31. Henry’s one of my favourites too! He’s truly absolutely amazingggg.

    Thank you so much for making such an awesome bday post! ^___^

  32. i love henry alsoooo!!!!
    i love his eyes!!!
    ur my super boy!!!

  33. OMK!! i’m trying SO hard not to have an ubersqueefest over this page (i’m in my school computer lab and would probably get weird looks if i did so and disturbed kids who were actually working instead of googling Henry)


    • LMAO! haha!

  34. Hello! :D I love Henry Lau and your reasons to love he, so… I want to ask you if i can take this reasons to translate it to spanish and put them in the hispanic club of henry :D I will look forward to your reply to my e-mail :

    Of course, all credits will go to you :)

    • You can go ahead if you like. xP

  35. he quite cute =)

  36. henry really is cute
    is he ?
    he’s very cute and cool
    i like the way he smile
    it is an addiction!
    hope he could visit and see his fans
    here in the philippines(specially me!LOL)
    always wear your cute and charming smile MOCHI!

  37. @negative commenters:
    Please don’t be that way… no one wants to read hateful comments (especially on a site that is meant to spread smiles.)

    You’re right though: most of us don’t know Henry personally. (I don’t we pretend to; heck, I don’t know any of my idols — how could I?). But, who cares! He’s a great performer, a hard working idol, and he doesn’t let down his fans. He has a nice smile, funny and likable character on shows, and a charismatic presence on stage. Henry is an awesome k-pop idol!!

    If you have personal qualms, please resolve them personally. Else, please don’t pollute a page created by a cheery and dedicated fan with crude or deconstructive comments. If you don’t like him, just move on — no one likes antis.

    In anycase ~
    I love these pictures and this page in general!! XD I’m thrilled that Henry’s fan base continues to grow larger as people recognize his talent and come to love him as both an idol and member of SuJu’s 13+2. I hope that the remainder of their tour goes well. ^^

    Best wishes!
    Henry Lau FIGHTING!!!!!

    • ^this!!!! Haters to the left~~~~~

  38. Finally!!!
    Someone who’s not hating on him but appreciating him!!!
    He’s soooo cute!!!

  39. Yes! Down with ONLY13! Mochi’s one of the most amazing people on earth, in my opinion. X3

    I hope one day I’ll be able to meet him, he can help me with my violin playing! *w*

    OH, do you think I could post this on my and accounts if I put credit to you Pretty please?

  40. Wo0o0o0o0o0oW !! henry
    you are the best

  41. love oppahee chul mak

  42. I Love SJ M – Kyu Hyun

  43. henry lau!!!cool!!

  44. i love this post ^^
    i really love henry now~~ <3333

  45. omo!! omo!!

    Im having a spazz on Henry!!!
    then suddenly, i found this!!!
    This made my day!!!! ^^

    I love this!!!

  46. he’s very cute laaa

  47. waaw so very cute henry oppa.. :D

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