Yaaaaaaaay! Part 2

:D Remember remember remember back in April when I said my auntie would be making me a Shugo Chara Amulet Spade cosplay? Guess what guess what! x]



I hope nobody here’s gonna criticize me or the outfit. |D The drawing I made wasn’t EXACTLY like what the outfit looked like in the anime; I changed some things to match my likings/comfort more AND to make it so that it’d be easier to make.

‘Cause obviously my aunt isn’t a professional.

Actually there are some parts of it that aren’t exactly the same as my drawing. But I love it. It may not be a precise cosplay, but I love it. :D <3

Yaa~~ I don’t plan on getting the hat ’cause that’s too much trouble.

I was bored and this was a good excuse to take random pictures. |D
[And abuse the V/peace sign.]


Please don’t look at the face, but more at the outfit? |D

Full body? ^^;; The colors of the stockings are wrong, but who cares…

I was planning on being Ariel for Halloween, but I guess I’m gonna be Miki/Amu. :D

8 Responses

  1. Kawaii. ^^

  2. OOOOMMMMMGGGG~~!! SO CUTE!!! Ah, you’re so cute Ebah-chan! I really lobve your cosplay! ^0^ Ahhh so cute! *spazzes* Lol, I’ve been looking forward to seeing your Amulet Spade cosplay ^0^

  3. How Cute!!

  4. You’re adorable, Ebahbah. ^.^

    I’m so glad your aunt finally finished it! :D it’s so pretty~D


  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! I remember your post about this… and OMG, it turned out sooooooo cute! You’re cute, the outfit is cute, and, it’s all so amazing! Your cosplay is so amazing, along with you and your adorableness!!! <3333333333333333333333333333

  6. ebah-chan that is so kawaii <3 I love it ^^ and it really suits you :P

  7. O_O so cute!! *keep looking at pictures O_O* I remembered your previous post about this~~~it turned out great! *looks again*

  8. […] I was Amulet Spade from Shugo Chara for […]

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