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It’s BERRYZ KOUBOU standing RIGHT NEXT to SHINee. <333333!

I am an extremely satisfied fangirl right now. :D Hehehe~ So, a few days ago was the Asia Song Festival 2008, and it’s something I’ve REALLY been anticipating ever since finding out who was going to perform/get awards at it.
Why? Simple.

Berryz Koubou, my favorite and first Japanese band.
[Or just first favorite band in general.]

SHINee, my second favorite Korean band.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, my third’ish favorite Korean band.

So Nyeo Shi Dae, my tied-for-favorite Korean girlband.

Fahrenheit, my favorite Taiwanese band.


I’ve also noticed that all the blogs or whatever I’ve seen so far concerning the Asia Song Festival have been centered around DBSK and SHINee, yeah? xD Well, they ARE lovely and I love those boys to bits, but I’m gonna take a while to spazz over Berryz Koubou because they deserve some love too. xD

[Credits: circusls02]

So, this is Berryz Koubou performing “Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi” at the Eve Concert. I liked their performances at the Eve Concert better because there were more songs and I personally don’t really like “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” or “Dschingis Khan”. ^^;; Unfortunately, I don’t like what they wore at the Eve Concert. T.T I DID like their cute Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance outfits from the Main Concert though. :D

Anyway, I’m really glad they did this song because Tsukiatteru is my favorite Berryz song and it was the first CD I ever bought. xD So Berryz mean a lot to me.

The beginning IS SO, SO, SO, SO, SO ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. <3 xD The Berryz girls trying to speak Korean! Hahahah I love Miyabi so much! “Sarang..? SARANGHAE YO!” xD She’s so cute. That was adorable. The rest of them were really cute too. ^____^
[Oh and are my ears deceiving me, or did Risako introduce herself as “magnae”? D: Cutee~]

And look at those smiles. ^^ These girls are so refreshing.

The performance itself is really good. ^___^ They did really well. I don’t watch Berryz performances much anymore, so I’m not sure how good they are, but they’re SO much better than I remember. :DD <3 I’m so proud of them, to be dancing AND singing live. Even Risako did well! :D And I’ve been in two fandubs of this song before, once as Miyabi and once as Momoko, so I know it’s kind of hard to sing at some parts. T.T

Ahah I really had no idea they had Korean wota. o___o Perhaps those fanmen followed them all the way to Korea? Notice how a lot of the girls are staring with blank faces and are like, “Girls in colorful, sparkly middrift-showing outfits? Ookay… Where the hell’s my DBSK?” xD It’s okay. I understand them.


On another note, I really, really just had to mention Fahrenheit. xD I like their music, and their voices are fine[Arron’s voice squee!], but I’ve never been interested in watching performances by them, so right now, out of sheer boredom, I watched videos of them at the festival, and I really really have to say this..



Er, anyway. xD Back to the Berryz-SHINee picture. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <33333333333333 Happiness is spewing all over teh place right now! :D They’re soooo cuteee~~ And they’re so young too. ^^ I hope Taeminnie made some new friends.

Isn’t it funny how in Korea, Taemin being 15 makes him seem like such an adorable baby? xD And then in Japan, most of the Berryz members are about 15-16 and they’re just normal. xD I mean, look at Hagiwara Mai from C-ute. She’s 12 right now.

Yahh~ It’s so hard to find pictures. =[ All the pictures I find are either only DBSK, only SHINee, or only Berryz. xD I reaaaally wanted to see Berryz next to Fahrenheit even though their age differences are, like, huge. xD But s’okay. Actually some Berryz/SNSD older sis-younger sis interactions would’ve been cute too, right? ^^
[Imagine it! Sooyoung and Yurina next to each other!]

Anyone know where I can find more Asia Song Festival 08 pics? |D
Please please please tell me~?


7 Responses

  1. hi! i feel like i’m invading people’s blogs now.. lol
    i dunno if you have these but i have some SHINee-Berryz..
    v it’s them right? hahaha

    hehe.. i didn’t see any pix of berryz standing next to other groups.. maybe because i only stalk SHINee so i only have pix of them! ^^i also saw a SHINee fancam where key was dancing to one of berryz’ song! hehe! that is if i’m not mistaken! :P

    and i’m glad you like SNSD.. i like them too!! they deserved more love.. :)

  2. Wow, that’s so cool! Berryz in Korea… I was shocked at first, but then, I got super happy!!! :DDD

    LOL, Korean wota… xDDD

    Oh, I found a website with some pictures:

  3. Ah! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! xD <3333 -pictures feeding fangirl needs-

    @nylenuol: I don’t think you’ll see this comment, but if you do, do you remember where you saw that Key fancam? |D


    hey this is Quisteen
    hey i have a question
    Were making a group that does SHINee songs!
    are you willing to be key?
    because Kathy is dropping out….

    Minho:Q-Lee (quisteen)
    Key-Eva? (please!)

    if you do reply me back on email!
    So I can give you script and detail
    here’s our youtube

  5. uuhh.. bad page! XD

    that youtoube link its ’cause-> also saw a SHINee fancam where key was dancing to one of berryz’ song! hehe! that is if i’m not mistaken! :P

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    Asia is One | Sing Your Dreams

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