Rant: Drama

Lolll. Dubbing drama? Ah, this sucks.

This time, this situation surfaced in one of the dubbing groups/families I’m in. Ah, I hate it. -____-;; It always happens, whether in real life or singing life, but mostly in singing life. I hate these kinds of things and I hate the fighting.

I realize that I’m not directly involved in this drama, and that I shouldn’t butt in, but my friends were talking to me about it, and I don’t mean to sound like I think I know all the answers or anything, but I hate fighting and all the pointless throwing of words towards each other. I may be wrong, but I’m speaking purely out of experience. ^^; I’ve gone through situations like this and I’ve been through enough drama in my life to yell at people for starting things like this. This is JUST what I think.

Also, I’m trying my best to see things from a neutral perspective, so I don’t want anyone to think I’m on specifically anyone’s side or to get offended…

Ah, I don’t really know where to start but here goes..

[PS;; Added colors because personally I would be completely bored out reading endless blocks of text.]

So, it’s almost always like this:

First, you have one party that’s being a little bit rude, but doesn’t know they are hurting people’s feelings.

Secondly, you have another party that feels offended and takes things a little bit too personally.


God I hate it when this happens.

Personally I don’t think it’s specifically anyone’s fault. In a way, it’s kind of everyone’s fault. It’s bad enough to start an fight, but firing back is JUST AS BAD.
My real life friends are CONSTANTLY, CONSTANTLY, CONSTANTLY ignoring me when I say this, and their problems just get worse and worse. You can’t end things if you don’t try. You can’t always think you’re always right and that the other party is always against you. You should at least try to see all point of views, yes?

Some people don’t even realize that what they’re saying is harsh. There are different kinds of criticism, I guess. They have their faults, but so does the other party.

Lots of people, unfortunately, can’t accept criticism. =/ Not even constructive criticism. Lots of times, constructive criticism benefit you, and you can’t just assume that they hate you, and take it personally. Like when it comes to singing, MAYBE you did sing flat at these parts, or MAYBE you were out of time here, or MAYBE you were mumbling at another part. At least acknowledge it, please. You can’t overreact about everything. >____< Just because someone says you did something wrong, doesn’t mean you have to be like, “Oh, they hate me, and I’m going to quit just because of that..”

Sometimes it really just is constructive criticism.

Like, I’ve gotten TONS of flames in my time. Recently I’ve gotten a comment that only said, “Stop.” Wtf. And on my “unknown” blog account, too! Those videos aren’t meant to be watched on youtube! [Read channel info if you don’t get it.] THAT’S a flame. That’s just a stupid flame.

I’ve also been told LOTS of other things, like I sound fake, I’m trying too hard to sound cute, I’m out of tune, I sound annoying, I suck at singing, my vibrato sounds too forced, etc etc.

So what? I got mad at first, but the next time I was recording, I thought about what they said, and it helped me improve a lot. I may not be a good singer at all, but AT LEAST I learned to sing as natural as possible, check for off-tune notes, time my recording as best as possible, not attempt ‘vibrato’ where I can’t handle it, etc. When I listen to my old dubs, I realize that I improved TONS and I still have PLENTY of room for improvement!

And seriously, I know all of my dubbing friends out there have SO much potential because they’ve got awesome personalities! Yeah yeah? :D

So try to suck it up. Be a man, girls.

..xD Yes, we can be men too. We can be better men than those wimpy boys nowadays, ’cause we’re girls! :DDDDDD <3 [Ah, no offense to guys. xD I just have a feeling most of the people who read this are gonna be girls.]

Anyway, try not to take criticism so personally? D: Some people say it because they want you to realize what you did wrong, and improve. Some people are plain mean. And those people are the ones who comment your video with a,
You suck. My singing is better.”
[>___< Yeah, I really got a comment like that once…]

Unfortunately, there are also some people who confuse being constructive and being mean. The word “awful” is a really good way to get people mad at you. xD And if you really wanna help, tell people what they should fix; not attack the person themself, because that’s going beyond the line.

Well, I’m pretty done for now. ^^; Got that out of the way.

I hope nobody’s offended at all by what I said, and people are probably going to think that everything I said was wrong. It may be, it may not be. Who knows. Either way, keep what I said in mind; even if you don’t like it. Stick it in the back of your head, consider it, chew on it, and see if you still really, really, really believe that everything you’ve thought since the beginning of everything was completely correct. Perhaps it was.


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