Happy Birthday, Nami and Mari!


These two are just the awesomest ever and gosh, their talents are absolutely endless. They never cease to amaze me. Today, both of them are each a year older. Isn’t it funny how they have the same birthday? D: They’re my awesome Chibi♥Love twins~~ Yes, mine.

x___X They both have tons of new videos, and since I’m just a walking, blogging billboard, PLEASE WATCH THEM? D:
[Chibi♥Love – Thanks! Fandub]
[Chibi♥Love – TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY Fandub]
[Nami – Hajimete no Happy Birthday! Fan Dance]

Aaaaaaalso! Happy birthday to my friend Jessica[faiyuuifan]! :D She’s a fandubber also with an awesomely cute voice[when she doesn’t sound just like Sara from Mermaid Melody], but unfortunately she doesn’t record much. =[



On another note. Eh.

I’m sick, I’m tired, and I would feel like crap if not for my friends’ birthdays. I hate school and I hate being sick. I’ve been crying a lot lately. Sigh. At least I can walk now.

But as painful as speaking/singing was before, now my throat is TOTALLED. >___< It really hurts. I hate school. I hate being sick. >_____> I know I complain too much.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much, Ebah-chaaaaaaaaaaaan! Yay, I feel so special belonging to you. ;D <333

    Wow, that’s like the 7th person who has the same birthday as me. xDDD; Happy birthday!!!

    Awwwwww… I hope you get better really really really soon. I hate being sick too, but you don’t deserve to be sick! Don’t strain your voice too much, either, ne? <3

  2. Wua~~thanks Ebah~~~~~~~~ *hugs tightly*
    come to think of it~ I haven’t sing dubs with you in a while~~~ I would have to ask you sometime after you feel better~ be prepared~muahahaha~ *cough* anyways~ I hope you feel better soon~ T-T seems like everyone is taking turns of being sick…

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