Promise Me a Miracle

So, today was the SM Entertainment Global Auditions ’08.

I didn’t go. I couldn’t go. I have good reasons. I really wanted to go.


D: Ne, can everyone please listen to my new For A Moment” fandub? >___< Feedback would be kind of nice too. Because I don’t have a youtube account, people can’t find it easily and leave comments, so yeah, I have to kind of depend on this blog for the meantime. Somehow I don’t miss having a youtube account. But can you guys please give it a listen and tell me what you think? D:

^^; Right now, nothing interesting’s going on with my life~

I really don’t like school. T.T I have to limp to every class ’cause of my foot. Limping is EXTREMELY tiring; you guys have no idea. I really miss being able to walk normally. Because I couldn’t run, I had to limp laps in PE, and I thought I was gonna faint or fall out of weakness…

I’m getting the sutures out tomorrow afterschool.

The past few weeks have been pretty stressful for me actually. ^^;;;; Now it’s getting a lot better. I think/hope it will continue to get better.

I miss talking to everyone. D: Whether my real life friends or my awesome online ones.. Everyone’s busy. Life is sooo boring. I miss camping.


Super Junior Girl‘s [produced by Lulu] first song has been completed! ^_____^ I really like it~ Please please give it a listen?

Super Junior Girl – Miracle


Next year, for sure. Going to the SM Auditions. We made a promise.

For this whole coming year, I’m going to work harder than I have before. I’m going to heal my vocal chords, expand my range, learn to adapt to different genres and languages better, increase my endurance, improve my vibrato, AND LEARN TO DAAAAAANCE. >[


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  1. Awwwwwww. I’m really sorry you didn’t get to go to the auditions, Ebah. :*( BUT, now you have a whole year to get better and improve! I bet you’re going to WOW the judges in the next audition! Ganbareeeee ___>

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