For A Moment

For A Moment – Eva


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! A new solo fandub for me! -dances-


:D It’s “For A Moment“, the duet by Ariel and Melody in The Little Mermaid II. ^___^ I really love this song and was inspired to re-sing it after watching The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning. <3

Melody – Eva
Ariel – Eva

Sad cast, isn’t it?

Anyway, I recorded the whole thing when I was cleared of deadlines AND when my vocal chords were too dead and tired to do lines. ^^;;; Because my voice naturally goes sliiightly higher when I’m singing Japanese, it was less painful to sing this, an English song. xD It may not be my best, but I’m really happy I was finally able to complete a song by myself that I WANTED to do and not because I was assigned to do it. ^_____^

Um, back in August’ish 2007, I did do a fandub of this same song with the same sucky cast. xD It… sucks. Unbelievably. It’s just gross and I can’t stand listening to it. Which means, :D YAY~ I IMPROVED! My old one sounded really weak, fake, and feeble and this one… sounds kinda forced. =___=;; My vibrato is still really wannabe. But oh well. S’okay.

Please give it a listen? D: <3


6 Responses

  1. Uwah Ebah-chan! I’m not sure if it’s just my computer, but the song isn’t loading up ^^;;;; I really REALLY wanna hear it!!!

  2. o.o

    It’s not working for me either, Ebah. ^^; Drats! A new and beautiful fandub that we can’t hear! -cries-

  3. Now, it’s working!!! OMG Ebah… it’s so cute!!!! You sound like you could be a part of Disney! It’s amazing Ebah. I love the emotion in this dub! Your vibrato just amazes me every time.

    YOU MUST MAKE A NEW YT ACCOUNT. We have missed your voice so much!

    But I really love this. It made my day. <3

  4. @Nami: xD Aww, thank you so much! Your comment just made my day too! <3

  5. […] Ne, can everyone please listen to my new “For A Moment” fandub? >___< Feedback would be kind of nice too. Because I don’t have a youtube account, […]

  6. AH YAY! It’s working~! Wow, it’s so cute and amazing and.. and… UWAH, too great for words!!! I’m speechless xD I really loved the “Here I am” in the begginning!

    I agree with everything Nami-chan said ^^ Yes, we all missed hearing your voice in a solo like that!

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