So. Today was probably the scariest day of my life. Or at least this year.

Well, basically I had a little accident. Stepped on a piece of glass in the girls’ locker room, went to the emergency room, and got stitches.

=[ It hurt/hurts a lot, and I probably did overreact a lot, but I was honestly really, really scared. ^^; Just to let you know, I kind of… have a fear for blood. I can’t stand seeing blood. I also am afraid of doctors, doctory things, internal problems, mental and physical problems, needles, skeletons, but mostly blood…


So today in PE, we were swimming as usual ’cause we’re in our swimming unit and I HATE IT. -___-; I expressed this same thing in freshman year too, but I hate swimming… I’m REALLY bad at it AND it absolutely KILLS my sensitive, dry skin. >_____< As if that wasn’t bad enough…

Because of swimming, I was barefoot and wasn’t wearing glasses when I went back to the locker room after. In the middle of changing, I thought I stepped on a really sharp rock. It hurt a lot. Then I moved my foot and instead of the usual chlorinated, disgusting puddle of pool-water, it was red. ._____. And my foot was drenched in blood.

Y-yeah. That sort of lead to a chaotic scene of me screaming and cussing and people staring at me.

Eventually a teacher came and helped me sop up the blood. >___< And she helped me hop to her office but it was INCREDIBLY awkward ’cause I didn’t FRICKEN GET A CHANCE TO FINISH CHANGING. =_____=;;; So, yeah, I was in my wet underwear with a towel wrapped around me, hopping on one foot, and leaving a red trail as if they were bread crumbs and I was afraid I’d get lost in the locker room.

And see, my high school’s campus is one of the biggest high school campuses in the United States. So staff members sometimes use golf carts to get around. :D And I got to ride on the back of a golf cart, which was pretty awesome, except for the piercing pain and the people staring. The nurse at the health center helped me, and I just sat there crying and worrying. ^^;;

When she was pushing me out to the parking lot on a wheelchair, I couldn’t help but notice the weather’s really nice. I was thinking a lot about things. Like, how stupid it was of me to be so stressed out all the time over stupid things and how ungrateful I am, because there’s people who have to sit in wheelchairs everyday and people who have to deal with this kind of pain all the time.
I would’ve felt lucky, but I was sitting in a wheelchair.

In my dad’s car, I spent the whole ride crying and apologizing. >___< I feel really bad because I caused so much trouble for so many people, and if I didn’t fricken step on the glass, then everybody’s days could’ve just went on normally. Plus, getting stitches costs money and the bandages the teachers used for me cost money, too… And I worried a lot of people, and I got blood all over the locker room floor, and somebody has to use their time to clean that up, and I was just freaking out. TT_____TT

The emergency room. Is the scariest place ever.


Waited in a wheelchair in the waiting room for, like, an hour. =____=;; Then I had to wait inside on a bed for half an hour ’cause everyone was busy. x___X It was really uncomfortable too, ’cause my underwear and clothes were wet…

…Getting stitches was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. First of all, the needle SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME and I was just lying there crying like a baby with my hands clutched onto a bar, which I thought I was gonna melt or break or something ’cause I was so scared. >_____< The shot hurt a lot, but I guess it helped numb my foot…

Stitches were just… >___< …Scared me to death…

So, yeah. That was my day. Then I came home and sat all day. All in all, it was a really strange, really unfortunately, really scary day. .___. And my foot still hurts. =/ On the bright side, I don’t have to swim for the rest of the unit! Still, it’s really creepy knowing you have strings sutures in your flesh. >_____________<;;;;


Eva (6:20:02 PM): i had to walk out of the car and into the house with a cane though =_____=;; it was fun ’cause i was talking with an old man voice throughout. “Gee, what a nice day to take a stroll. -hops-“

11 Responses

  1. Aww, poor dory.
    “Gee, what a nice day to take a stroll. -hops-” HAHAHA, I heckka lol’d. [:

  2. owwww, my foot hurts just reading this~~ D:
    I hope you get your stitches off soon!

  3. OUCH, what a day you must have had, Eva-chi!! The ER is even scarier and more EMBARASSING if you’re lying helpless on a gurney… O_O Well, sitting all day means more computer. XD Pray you will recover quickly~!!


  4. Goshers, I hope you’re feeling better now.
    Emergency rooms freak me out. I remember when I broke my arm and was there for 7 hours!!!
    That cane bit made me giggle.
    Take care,
    Ashley ^-^

  5. D:

    OMG Ebah… I’m really sorry that happened to you. >.> Ouch….

    Ehh, the ER sounds really scary. And shots freak me out, too. I hope your foot gets better really soon. We’ll be praying for you!!! <333

    LOL…. I’m sure Ebah would make a really cute old man. xDDD; Jk…. <3

  6. Oh my goshhh ><;; I’m so sorry about happened!! D: The ER sounds scary, but I’m glad you’re a little better now. I hope your foot gets real better soon, Eva~! <3

    Yay for not having to swim anymore, though? :D

    lol!! I agree with Nami~ xDD Kidding, kidding~ :3

  7. o.o Wow, I’m so glad you feel a bit better now! *gives you a huuuuug*

    Gosh, that must’ve been freaky… I can’t stand needles or hospitals at all! And I don’t like swimming that much ^^; But I hope your foot feels better soon!!!

  8. ooouch…..poor ebah~ T-T I understand how you feel cuz I once stepped on a nail too…what the doctor told me was try to wear sandals instead of socks and shoes and keep the wound dry. I hope your foot get better soon~ O_O

  9. ouch~ that happened to me once too D: but I was home that time ^^;
    Hopely your foot gets better soon~<3

  10. Poor Ebah-chan *starts to cry and hugs Ebah* I hope you get better soon and i’ll pray for your recovery

  11. awwwwww poor you :(
    i COMPLETELY understand how you feel
    if that was me, id be screaming & crying the whole time ><
    i have never been to the ER
    & i hope i never do xD
    hope you get better :)

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