It’s gonna be ME!

[Edit;; This post was written yesterday, September 14, but I didn’t publish until now because I was waiting for the video to be uploaded to youtube by someone.]

[Credit: Symbelmyns]
Higher quality @ Sohu here.

Super Junior-M’s new MV “Me” just came out a couple hours ago.




OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! xD Okay, sorry, I’ll try to speak as coherently as I can now. But still, oh my Godddddddd.<333333 I love it. I absolutely love it. How could I not love it? It’s just pure love itself. I’m in love.

First of all, I’ve been waiting so long for this MV to come out… It’s been five months and they only gave us ONE MV until now. =[ Big Bang’s new album came out a month ago and there’s already 3 MVs. Anyway, I’m so happy it’s finally out. ^_______^ Right on the day after SuJu-M performed “Me” and “Love Song” at the SM Shanghai concert. <3

Okay, time to spazz.

THIS IS SO CUTE. <3333333 This is the cutest thing ever! Ever ever ever! Dx -dies- They all look…so happy… I love it… I love my happy!SJM. :D <3 Nowadays they seem to almost always look really tired. But here they’re so energetic! I love it! ^^

I’ve always said that I love the SuJu-M from near the time they debuted the best, and since they filmed this MV the same time they filmed the “U” MV, I love them in here. Sorry I’m being repetitive, but it can’t be expressed enough.

I love the dance and I love all the close-ups, but most of all I LOVE THE HUGE LETTERS. <3 That’s just brilliant and absolutely adorable. I’m very satisfied with every single part of this MV.

And on top of that, they all look soooooooooo great…. *_____* I wish all their hairstyles[except for Ryeowook, who already cut his some days ago! :D Zhou Mi’s currently looks pretty good too..] right now were all looking like this. =[ Donghae REALLY needs a haircut.

But mostly Henryyyyyyyyyyyyy. <3 I love his hair here. <3333333 You have no idea how happy this made me. No offense, but I can’t really stand his current haircut. ^^;; He looks and acts really differently nowadays, and I like this old cute!Henry better. Ehe.

I know lots of people were disappointed that they were in the same outfits as the “U” MV, but to be honest, I love it. I loved those outfits. That was my favorite set. <3 I also love their bright, colorful clothes too!

Shiwon, Hangeng, and Zhou Mi are so handsome. Ryeowook and Donghae are so cute. Kyuhyun looks SOO happy and adorable! And Henry is just *____*.

Everything about this MV is, like, extremely perfect to me. ^___^ <3 I’m very satisfied, and seeing this definitely UP!’d my mood. :D
Thanks, Super Junior-M.♥

Eva (9:56:36 PM): AHHH HENRY
Eva (9:56:38 PM): IS SO CUTE
Eva (9:56:43 PM): I LOVE HIM
Eva (9:56:46 PM): I LOVE THIS BOY
Eva (9:56:48 PM): CAN I MARRY HIM?!
Eva (9:56:58 PM): i mean. :D
Eva (9:57:00 PM): nice MV.

Chii (9:57:33 PM): xD -asks for SuJuM’s permission- Can Ebah borrow this guy for a while? -points at Henry-
Eva (9:57:39 PM): LOL THANKS
Chii (9:57:39 PM): -goes to find priest and church-
Chii (9:57:52 PM): Oh. forgot the flowers. xD

Eva (9:57:56 PM): =O! you’re right. i need a dress too.
Eva (9:58:03 PM): oh, so much to prepare!

Chii (9:58:54 PM): SujuM: Uhm.. no.. you can’t–
Me: :D OKAY SANKYU VERAY MUCH. -kidnaps Henry-


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  1. OMG!!!!! I so love them!!! Suju M, Fighting! Jaiyou!

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