Today, KathKath[rawrrkathy] and I went to Chiichama[ChiisanaChanx3]’s house and we karaoked! :D It was pretty cool.

Omgg. First of all, I’d like to say that I’m supahh happy. ^_____^ Today, my voice has been the BEST it’s been for the past two months! I’m serious! Still hurt and felt scratchy, but my voice sounded normal, I hit high notes[really choppily though] fine sometimes, and I was able to sing strongly and hold out notes. ^^ <3

Please heal, o dying voice!

Special Gyutto Good Luck
[Chii] [Eva] [Kath] // [Kath] [Eva] [Chii]
-script by Chii
-1:56 = funnest line ever~
-higher quality here
-originally by Yuko Goto, Hitomi Nabatame, and Ayahi Takagaki

We Can Make It!
[Eva] [Chii]
-KathKath [asleep] behind camera! :D
-originally by Arashi

Ew lol. In Special Gyutto, I used a lot of head voice ’cause it’s a high song, and in We Can Make It!, I sound ugly and “manly” ’cause it’s a low song. ^^;;

After these three and a half hours, I came to one conclusion:
Kath and Chii really are way too cute. TT___TT <3



3 Responses

  1. Aww, that was super cute! You guys are so adorable and talented!!! I loved the “Wasshoi” lines. xD; You guys sing so well! ^^

    LOL… Ebil Ebah Tsunku. I loved your laugh, Ebah. <333

  2. Oh no.. my ebil deadly guy voice. ^^;

    Haha it was a lot of fun~~ Thank you for coming Ebahbah! Let’s karaoke again sometime. :D

    Kath wants her chickeen~ D:!!

  3. I miss pool~ :D

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