Reach for the Endless Sky

Uhuhu. I haven’t updated in a really long time. ^^;; It’s a record. Basically my life has been really repetitive and the same, so I figured holding off my ramblings/rants would be okay.

Okay, so let’s catch up with me, I guess. xD Right now, my life is pretty much just.. mood swings. Everyday. I think, though, from now on it’ll get better because some misunderstandings have been cleared and the things I’ve held inside for a long time now have been releasing little by little. I’m trying to be more positive now.

Today I spent time with my family because it’s my aunt’s birthday, and truthfully, it’s become really depressing to always have to hide behind a mask. Lol. They really don’t know me at all, and it’s strangely okay with me. I’m glad that when I’m here, I can be myself or any way I really want to be.

School..really, really sucks. I’m always in a bad mood. =[ Depressed or pissed or frustrated or something. There are some people who’re being really selfish and annoying right now, and I’m not doing such a great job of handling it. Also, I really dislike my classes. .___. I hope I can keep my 4.0 streak..
I don’t really have friends in my classes, so it’s not really a lot of fun. And remember? I’m socially-challenged. TT___TT

My dying voice…got worse. Unfortunately. Sigh.

I don’t know… You guys probably don’t think it’s a big deal, but when I say my voice is dying, I’m not lying… When I turn in lines, my voice sounds normal[but still not good], but behind the scenes, when I’m recording my lines, it’s really painful for my throat. I record each line OVER AND OVER AND OVER until my voice doesn’t sound dead. It hurts to hit high notes now. =[ I can’t really hold out notes either. Sigh. Sadness.

And I never get recording time anymore. >_____< If I owe you lines, I’m really, really, really sorry… If I could record lines all day, I would. [Even though I’d probably lose my dead voice by the middle of the day.]

So if you get all the recording time in the world and your vocal chords/throat don’t hurt, THEN DO YOUR LINESSSSSSS. ESPECIALLY IF YOU OWE LINES TO ME. >[ YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. DO YOUR LINES. YOU WANT ME TO NAG YOU EVERYDAY?!


Okay, sorry. Change of topic. xD
Um. Oh right! :D In orchestra, IF we go on a trip, we have a choice of two places, and OMGGG! If we go to one, I can visit Lulu! If we go to the other, I can visit Mari! LOL. ISN’T THAT PERFECT?! I hope I can meet up with you guys!

Also, Micchi.. D: Did the hurricane affect near where you live? D:

-cries- Galveston got flooded… I went there in fifth grade and I loved that place! Best part of my whole trip. D: There was this REAAALLY awesome shop called “Mermaid -somethingsomething-” and I bought pretty stuff there. xD And now it’s dead… AGAIN. >___>


Speaking of mermaids. ;D I GOT “THE LITTLE MERMAID III: ARIEL’S BEGINNING” TODAAAAAAAAAAY! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ^________________^ <333333333333333333333
I loved it! I absolutely loved it! <3

It takes a weird person like me to watch the movie with her 4th grade Ariel costume on..

And take a picture with DVDs out of boredom.
[And use a PPG blanket at age 15.]

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