Wonder Boys

Ah, I was gonna add this to my compilatory fangirlling blog post, but I haven’t blogged for a couple days and this is EPIC, so I’m giving it its own post. :DD

Basically Inkigayo[Korean music show] is having its 500th show, so they’re having a special stage. ^^ Omo, this performance is DEFINITELY my favorite. xD “Girls’ Generation” by SNSD and “So Hot” by Wonder Girls were performed by a group called Wonder Boys, consisting of..

Sungmin [Super Junior]
Shindong [Super Junior]
Taemin [SHINee]
Seungri [Big Bang]
Jo Kwon [2 AM]

[Credit: randy1997]

Click HERE for higher quality!

[Edit;; Ahahah they probably look reaaaaally stupid to anyone who doesn’t know them or anything about K-pop.]

ROOOOOOOOFL THIS VIDEO MADE MY DAY. >D This is an awesome idea. Supahh kudos to the person who thought this up. Pure brilliance.
I already LOVED SHINee[minus Taemin] karaoke’ing and singing “So Hot”, but this is too much for me… xDD

Sungmin – …xD Boy, I hope that’s a wig. Hilarious hair.
Sungmin + Girl songs = Not a problem. xD He is so cute.

Taemin -LOOOOOL TAEMIN YOU POOR DEAR! <33333 Taeminnie’s too innocent for this! xD Er, actually he seems more interested in doing the dance than singing “So Hot”. [Though the fortune-teller from the Noona show did say he had prince disease..] Nyuu~ Key probably would’ve loved to take his place. xD Ah, poor Taemin. He’s soo cute though! -pinches cheeks- Guhh, it was soo cute how he got So Hee’s lines in “So Hot”. ^^ Such adorable magnaes.

Seungri – Honestly, Big Bang is something I’m not really too into, but have been trying to get myself interested in for quite a while now… It’s still not really working well because Big Bang isn’t really my taste, but I’d like to at least like them.
Uh, actually I have trouble telling who’s who too. xDDD Daesung’s easy ’cause his eyes are nonexistant and Taeyang’s somewhat easy too. Sometimes I can distinguish G-Dragon. But I’m absolutely clueless about Seungri and TOP. TT___TT
Anyway, I thought it was kinda…xD I dunno.. random that Seungri was in this? I had never seen Big Bang-SuJu, Big Bang-SHINee, or Big Bang-2AM interactions before. xD Which made this awesomer.

Jo Kwon – Erm, 2AM is kinda another group I don’t pay much attention to. ^^; But I know them. I watched their debut performance and their first MV, and I know some names. [But mostly Jo Kwon since he’s practically the only one they publicize.. =____=;;] I also know they’re amazing singers. But anyway, Jo Kwon’s expressions were priceless here. xD Somehow, he doesn’t fit singing these songs…

Shindong – O_____O He looks different. Like, a little skinnier. B-But I still hate his hair. ^^;;; Anyway, his Yoobin rap in “So Hot” was HILARIOUS. He has legs like Ha Ji Won? I don’t think so!
All the boys be loving me, girls be hating me; they will never stop ’cause they know I’m so hot hot~” xDD Poor Shindong.

Overall, “Girls’ Generation” was really cute, but “So Hot” was really funny. <3


2 Responses


    I totally fangirlled over Sungmin<3 I love him so much~~
    He is the most adorable thing ever<3

    This idea is so brilliant. xD It was adorable!

  2. lmfao… sungmin and shindong’s hair is epic. lol… thanks for posting this, ebah~ ^^

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