Ahah, so I hope everyone who’s reading this right now has read my last post about my camping trip? Sorry I’m always blogging so frequently…

Camping was such a fun trip. I’d like to think of it as an event I want to remember for many years to come. I also like to think that it changed me a little; that one trip and the people who I spent time with influenced me so much.

Unfortunately, now that I’m back, well.. =___=;; I really hate this place. I can’t stand school… Bad mood all day, bad things… Don’t know what happened to “enjoy life~”… This isn’t home, sweet, home. I don’t like being here. I hate things going back to normal. Back to my place where nobody gets me or cares. I never have any fun anymore. And no motivation at all…

School is driving me up the wall; I wanna quit, but I know I shouldn’t.

Anyway, earlier, I was reading Micchi’s blog and about how she said she wants to become famous over the internet. I guess that’s kind of what I want too. It’s kind of the little dream I had from the start.

When I started putting up videos on youtube, I didn’t know anybody at all, and certainly nobody knew me. ^^; I was that shrimpy, stupid girl with no common sense, a horribly too-high-pitched fake, out of tune voice, and absolutely no hearing for quality. Gross. xD Even my AMVs were bad. [Ah, people started to know me first through my AMVs, but I met people and made more friends through singing.]

I don’t know why I sing anymore. I honestly love singing.. Sometimes it annoys me. I don’t get any time to sing or record. I’m not THAT lazy of a worker; I know I have lots of lines to do, and I really would do them if I could, but I get no recording time. What I can’t stand is someone who has all the recording time in the world, takes it for granted, and gets lazy and never does their lines. My voice is really dying. =/ My throat is always in pain or scratchy when I talk or sing, and it’s sore a lot. I have no intentions on quitting dubbing though. Besides, I’ve already quit 3-5 times in 2006-2007, and every single time, I got roped back into dubbing, and right now I’ve improved SO much from those times, though I’ve still a long way to go.

I want to become famous over the internet. I want to inspire people.

[Credit: Taken by my friend Brian last year on my camera.]


One Response

  1. you sure inspire me :]
    now, i think i may wanna be more like you and try to improve at things i like

    -I wonder if you’re gonna be creep out by this comment xD

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