Well, I’m back from camping! Gah, it was so fun. x] It was, like, amazingly fun. My Labor Day weekend was just great. I’m happy and I feel good. I have scrapes and blood/scabs all over, but I feel really healthy and merry. ^_____^

Ah, this weekend was just amazing! What an eye-opener! What the hell have I been doing? xD I’m too negative! I should enjoy life! Camping was so fun, and my socially-challenged’ness is lessening. ^^ Awesome.

Zomg the car ride was way too long.. xD 5 hours in the car without a rest stop. Sheesh, if we were going the other way and went for another hour, we could’ve gone to LA and visited Lulu instead! But it was fun anyway. Everything was so beautiful. [The cows right next to the road was shocking though. ^^;]

Also, I feel like everyone understands me a little more now. :D A lot of times I feel like I’m wearing a mask, but this weekend, I just felt like…me.

♥ the ocean; Hate that face.


5 Responses

  1. Uwah~ I’m so glad you had fun, Ebah~!! <333

  2. Aww, I’m so happy you had fun and were comfortable! <3

    Wh-what? Nami WUBS that face. <3

  3. Uwah I’m also happy you had fun! ^^
    I wish I could go camping.. Dx
    Aww you should have come!! then we could play at my house~~~ xD;;

    eh…the ocean; Love the face x)

  4. it’s great to see you had a fun trip~ ^^
    there’s an typo in your post:
    “♥ the ocean *corrections* ♥ that face.”

  5. […] Ahah, so I hope everyone who’s reading this right now has read my last post about my camping trip? Sorry I’m always blogging so […]

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