Koi Kana

I… have survived the first week of school!

AND THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! D: School is horribly, horrendously horrible. Having seven periods is tiring[7:20-3:00], I’m always in a bad mood, my classes are hard, I have no friends in my classes, my teachers don’t like me, I suck at making friends, my skin is miserable because of the burning sun, and dangitttttt I hate school. =[


Luckily, now that it’s the long Labor-Day-weekend, I’m going… CAMPING! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~! ^_________^

Only reason why I made it through the whole depressing week of school without wanting to kill somebody[namely myself] is because I was really, really, reaaaa~lly look forward to this camping trip! ^___^ I’m so excited.

My parents would never take me camping, so I’m really glad our friends’ family is going[their kids are my childhood friends, and their parents are my parents’ childhood friends] so we can tag along and have fun too! ^^ I’m happy. I can’t wait. I can’t wait I can’t wait!

Unfortunately, after this trip I’ll have no more motivation.. =___=;; So we’ll see what happens. I may not survive after all. I need to clean out my closet in case I need to crouch there Tamaki-style and grow a couple mushrooms.. We’ll see…

Now just hope I make it back alive. :DDDD I’m so optimistic. -is shot a thousand times over- When I’m back, hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures and stuffles so I can burn even more of you readers’ precious time that you can never get back because you wasted it reading my rambling on and on and on about trivial things that you don’t even need to know but I’m typing anyway because I’m bored and I feel like it, so good luck. :D <3

Be back Monday night!



Koi Kana, Track 1 of my second Totally Up! Project[Twilight Legend/J-unior SWEET] solo single is completed and uploaded to youtube. D: So please give it a listen and leave a comment here?

If you actually want.

Have fun burning your ears out with my annoyance. ^^ <3


3 Responses

  1. tanoshinde kitene~ Ebah-chan~

    -waves white cloth-
    Adieu! Goodbye! Have fun! We’ll miss you~

  2. Uwahhh Koi kana is soo cute! :D Like I said in MSN…
    and have fun on your camping trip~~

  3. Awww~ Your Koi Kana is amazingly cute!! <333

    Have a bunch of fun on your trip! Hug a tree for me? :D xD;; Kidding~

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