First Day of School

School is horrible. I hate school.




Omg. The Little Mermaid III came out today. <3

5 Responses

  1. Same here, school ish eeebbill~!!!

    And you look soooo adorable!!!!!!!! ^o^

  2. School is a pain…. >.<”

    AHHHHHHH, but looking at our adorable Ebah made me completely forget about… what was I saying? <3333333333333

  3. School sucks.

    uwah, Ebah=ADORABLEEEE :3

  4. Agreed. School sucks. D:


  5. […] I know that Amu never had a wand, but psshh. I love wands. [More evidence here.] I used to play superheroine with my friends all the time and I always had a wand. xD Even when we […]

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