Bored with Kenny… [Vlog/Skit]


Yesterday, my friend Kenny, the one who’s been photoshopping things related to me a lot lately, wanted to do a fun vlog, so we made one! We were bored and in a good mood. :D It’s more of a skit than a blog though, but it’s pretty short, and I hope you’ll watch. Enjoy our obviously fake acting!

Suuuuuuuuuper thanks to our Alan, for being awesome and being in it; Calvin, for being willing to be hit by a water balloon[ah, but it failed..]; and Keeeeeeely, our awesome photographer! [One scene was filmed by Alan though.] Thank you, you guys. >____<

For the ending song, I was planning on doing a short recording so that it’d be like a duet between the two of us since I’m a dubber and Kenny sings too[in choir] and is soon gonna start uploading his singing, I think? :D If he does, I’ll let you know~ ClosingSerenade @ YT.

^^ I’m just a shameless, blogging plug.

My spiffy subtitles were ruined by youtube and its stupid quality[and the colors], so the script is under the cut if you can’t guess what we’re saying. –>

Kenny: Hi people! I’m Eva!
Eva: I’m Kenny!
Kenny: I’m Eva!
Eva: I’m Kenny.
Kenny: And we’re at a party and we’re…
Kenny&Eva: BORED!

Eva: Why are we on the grass, Kenny?
Kenny: Whoa, what happened?
Eva: I think there was dog poo on the grass.

Eva: It’s hot in here…
Kenny: ~It’s getting hot in here~
Eva: Oh, I know what we can do! Let’s go!

Eva: Oh, feels much better out here.
Kenny: Oh, look! A water balloon…
Eva: Hey, look who’s coming…
Kenny: I’m going to throw a water balloon at them.
Calvin: Oh, look.
Alan: Hey guys!
Eva: Alan, run! Alan, run! Alan, ruun!
Alan: Oh my God.. Can’t get me now! Ha ha! Can’t get me!
Kenny: DAMMIT! …I knew that…

Alan: Oh, God…
Kenny: Get back here! Ahh, a penny~! YES! Today’s my lucky day!
Eva: What’re you doing..?
Kenny: Look what I found!
Eva: Oh, a penny!
Kenny: Yay! Jump for joy!

Kenny: Aw, my Funyuns’ gone…
Eva: It’s too loud here; let’s go somewhere else!
Kenny: Yeah!

Eva: Well, thank you for watching! Byee!
Kenny: Bye!
Eva: I wonder if there’s any food here…



Honestly, at the party, I felt really awkward in front of most of my friends from the other high school. I don’t know how to act anymore. We’re different now.


4 Responses

  1. Awww, that was so cute! You two are so funny! :D

    Lol @ the water balloon… xD; I liked how you guys “transported” to different places! ^_^ Kawaiiiiiii~

  2. I really got a kick out of that! xD
    Do more!

    YAY! Jump for joy! :)

  3. xDD So funny and cute~!!!! Lol, I started laughing like crazy when… Eva (who is bein played by Kenny~~) threw the water balloon xDD

  4. Lol!! You and you’re friends are so cute xDD
    haha.. the balloon didn’t pop D:

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