Xanga entry – August 17, 2007:

heh oh my gosh. i totally lost the part of rika ishikawa in the suki sugite baka mitai audition to that micchachanpyon girl… she totally beat me. oh well. i’ll keep my audition up just in case. xD


HAHAHAH. <3 Found it quite a few days ago and stuck it on a blog draft. :D Notice I mispelled Micchi’s name. That’s how we met. So nostalgic. ^^; Yeah, I mention a lot of my online friends, dubs, etc to my real life friends, so don’t be surprised if you came to my city and was famous. :DDDD


..xDDDDDDDDDD My friend Kenny, who’s been obsessing over photoshop lately, made this for me. Oh. My. God. LMAOOOO. Thanks.

:D Not only is this a horrible picture of me, but the eyes for both sides are creepy! xD Black eyes or no pupils? This card suits me though. ^^; I’ve been known to have split personalities… And I’ve been known as both innocent and evil… But black is not my color. D: Lol.


Anyway, lately, these days have just been full of reminescence.

I found a bunch of old videos of me and my friends that were uploaded on my “waterpixie” youtube account, and after three days and UGH AT LEAST A BILLION TRIES ’cause my stupid internet keeps disconnecting[you’d understand if you ever talked to me on msn or aim before..], I was able to reupload some of them to The Tree’s account which I made a month ago but don’t think I’ve told any of my real life friends. ^^;; Well… if any of them is seeing this now. xD Uh. Yeah. The Tree has a youtube account. And there are videos. And what the heck are you doing on my wordpress? o__o

I don’t think anybody here is really interested at all in my personal not-online life, so yeah. xD I’ll stick everything else under a cut.

Oh, wow, you clicked. :D Yaay! What’s your prize? You get tortured~

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in my group of friends, I’m pretty much the photographer? Yeah. I bring my camera everywhere with me and I take most of the pictures and videos, and I do all of the video-editting and stuff. So I take care of The Tree’s videos.
[Eva’s Life 101: During middle school, all of my friends and I hung out and ate lunch everyday under a tree which was SOMEHOW nicknamed “The Gaylord Tree” (wth?) and since I hate that name, I call it “The Tree”. Therefore, our relationship is somehow shallowly revolved around that tree.]

Sigh. So watching all these old videos…was kinda really cool and kinda depressing at the same time. ^^; It’s nice to see us back then having good times, but depressing knowing that we’re not even really like that anymore.

We all became friends in middle school. The horrible thing is that there are two high schools around here, so we split up. Lots of us don’t even talk anymore. Some couples broke up. We all changed.


My friends, forgive me, act really gay sometimes. =[ Which is why I seem really innocent next to my friends. xDD I’m the one who stands on the side and is like, “…Guys. Um… guys?” >___> But they just really think their actions are funny.

I don’t think anyone’s really interested in watching a 8-minute video of pictures of me and my friends, but whatever. xD I wanted to talk about it for a bit and nobody has to watch the whole thing.

This was a video I made in June 2007, at the end of 8th grade year before we all split up and went to high school.
I dunno why but I find this video really depressing. =____=;; All about our middle school memories and talking about how we’re about to go to high school, but we’ll all remain friends, etc etc. But we didn’t. =/ I miss those days. High school sucks. Sophomore year’s going to suck.

Anyway, you can see me change, sort of. xD At 0:36, I’m the girl in blue on the right. Hahahah. Sixth grade Ebah. :D So young. [Technically I was in some more pictures before this one, but I like this picture better.] At 8:00 the girl on the left in blue is me. xD Eighth grade Ebah. Old, but still young compared to now. I look different.

2:46 – THE AWESOMEST THING EVER. I’m the ugly girl at top left.

HAHAH I LOVE THIS ONE! <3 I made it in August, 2007. It’s better on the video page because there’s high quality, and though you’ll still get dizzy, it’ll be less. xD The song is “Spinning Around“.

:DDD I recorded every single clip in here with my camera EXCEPT all the clips I’m in, and all the clips from our sleepover in 2006[Us in my room doing weird things and the pillowfight in my parents’ room. ^^; I’m the girl with a white shirt and blue skort. Back when I could pull off skorts/skirts. Hahah.]

xDDDD I’m also the ugly girl with long hair in the awesome shopping cart trying to sneak a Hershey’s bar

And there’s us attempting to do Hare Hare Yukai. xD I’m the tall, awkward Mikuru. Kojiru was Haruhi. And KathKath was our cute, but uncooperative Yuki. ^^ She’s also the cute girl on the tricycle. I ♥ the ending of this vid.


Anyway. Tomorrow we’re having a party for the end of summer/beginning of new school year. Sort of like a reunion. Somehow I don’t think I’ll have fun tomorrow. It’s going to be awkward.
I hope I’ll have pictures tomorrow though. And maybe some that I can be in? =/ ‘Cause I’m not in a lot, especially lately.


4 Responses

  1. ^o^ I remember when I saw your Yume no Tsubasa fandub and I was spazzing over how awesome it was. You know, your dub inspired me to post my singing on! Buuut, I was no where as good as you Ebah-chaaaan~! :3

    Ah, you have amazing friends ^^ I ish jealous. I rarely have anyone come over to my house, or go to parties, or go to other’s houses. xD;; My friends don’t really plan a lot of get togethers…

    Nostalgia… I want to write about memories too! *begins to post in blog* xD

  2. Don’t worry Ebah, I bet you’ll have tons of fun at the reunion thing ^^
    And same with Micchi, I’m like a no life and usually don’t have anyone over xD

  3. Aww, nostalgia… I have so many memories on YT and through fandubbing…

    Aww, your friends are so cool!!! I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun at your reunion! I don’t do those kinds of things, but they seem like fun!

  4. I miss those days.

    LMAO, I cried.

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