Coolest friends ever.

IIIIIIIIII’mmmmmmmmmm…bored. Yessir.

Anyoo~ Mommy Purply‘s so sweet. >____< She sang a dub dedicated to me and my lost account. Thank youu so much, mommy! <3333 It sounds super pretty! Please watch it here? –>
Dokkidoki! LOVE Mail [Solodub]


KYAHAHAHAHAH. <333333333333333!

My friend Kenny made this for me. ^^ It’s WAY too awesome, so I just had to show it off! It does get cut because of the blog’s narrow collumns, but you can click for full size if you want. [Though most of the important stuff shows already~]

I dunno if you’re gonna see this, but again, thank you so much! <3 That was so sweet! xD



Everything is changing so fast.
Nothing will ever be the same again.

As much as I already dreaded our upcoming return to school, I’m anticipating it even less now. Becoming a sophomore already meant lots of changes, but I didn’t expect this at all. There’s a girl whom I love very much as a friend.

All the times we skipped around together singing, and the times when she asked me if I wanted to race to the locker rooms, and I said no, but immediately ran ahead..

Will never return anymore.


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  1. aww~~ the google page was so sweet~~ ^^

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