Songs for when you’re stuck in traffic;;

  • KissHug Aiko
  • Xia XueFahrenheit [LOVELOVE this song! <33 And the MV. D: Jiro, Aaron, and Wu Chun are gorgeous. Hahah. Calvin’s too eh for my taste, but those who like MatsuJun may like him.]
  • Take Me FarawayOhno Satoshi from Arashi
  • AishikataRythem
  • Hoshi wo MezashiteNEWS
  • HidamariChieko Kawabe
  • In My RoomSHINee [But kinda on the depressing side?]
  • Marry USuper Junior
  • First Kiss Aa!
  • Ai Ai GasaTegoMassu
  • Bokura no Love StoryWaT [<3 Love WaT and this MV. Teppei is still my favorite Japanese male celebrity.]
  • At Least I Still Have You Super Junior-M [<3~]
  • Yuuhi wo Miteiru kaAKB48
  • Yume Kara Samete Takahashi Ai from Morning Musume
  • BelieveYellowcard [I know it’s kinda rock’ish, but I think it’s optimistic without being too happy. x____X Such an old song. I’m not really that much into Yellowcard, but I got into them couple years ago ’cause someone I knew really liked them.]

Because bittersweet songs are best for being stuck in traffic.

Depressing songs are too depressing. Fast-paced songs remind you how slow you’re going. And songs like “Happiness” by Super Junior, “Happiness” by Arashi, and “Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei” by Berryz Koubou are just the annoyest at these times. [Otherwise, I really like these songs. ^^;]


One Response

  1. I love your list! <333

    And I really like your logic about depressing and fast songs! xD;

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