Sekai no Namida [CHII vers.]

Sekai no Namida [CHII vers.]

Please watch this beautiful[IMO] cover of “Sekai no Namida” by my friend Chiisana! <3

I would embed it, but then I want people to go to it and rate and possibly comment the video.

Hahah, yes, I am a walking, blogging promoting billboard. :D Please do watch it. Chii‘s my awesome, talented, and close friend, and though she really should upload more videos, she doesn’t, so not lots of people check her channel or subscribe[yet].

[Edit;; Uwah! Two videos in one day! Please watch Toki no Puzzle [CHII vers.] as well.]

If you don’t watch them, I’ll go after you with Murder-kun, my imaginary chainsaw. ^^ Thank you for your time.

</end promotion>


2 Responses

  1. Wow, Chii sounds very pretty! I even listened to her new video that she uploaded after you posted this. Her voice is very smooth and elegant but also very cute. I wanna see a new Ebah solo vid! *puppy dog eyes* Pretty please? ~ Purply

  2. Nyuuu! -hides behind Rock-kun-

    You always manage to embarrass me Ebahbah.. ><
    Thank you so much though.. T.T; I’m really really happy! hugshugshugs<3

    -nods and agrees with Purply-
    Yes yes, a new Ebah solo video! :D That would be so nice.. ^^
    Although I do understand your situation. T.T;; so it’s okay..

    And Ebah, please don’t take out Murder-kun.
    I don’t want anyone else to go under the same suffering of Murder-kun’s wrath.. T.T;;


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