Dx I haaaate electronics… ’cause they haaate me…

Sigh. So basically my Windows Movie Maker died on me. .___. In an attempt to fix it, my dad started installing these updates onto my computer. And guess what now? My mic doesn’t work! >_____>;; Meaning I’ll have to wipe out my whole computer just to fix the mic AGAIN.

Why can’t my mic die on a day when I can’t record because my dad’s “babysitting”?! But nooo, it dies the day I finally get recording time… :D And my WMM still doesn’t work.

Thank the lord that my camera’s alive again. It wouldn’t work for me, but fixed itself when my dad tried..

Oh yeah, my mouse died, too. I hope we can get money back for that… >____> And I accidentally broke my parents’ DVD player, too. My speakers are stupid and change volume whenever they want. I’m piiiisseedddd… Stupid laptop. Stupid Vista.

Yeah.. I was bored while waiting for Windows to reinstall.
I’m not much of an artist, so whatever.


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