[part 1]

It’s here it’s here it’s here!

My Super Junior-M “ME” Asia Deluxe album! <333! :D

Mwuahahah~ I super happy. :DD I didn’t expect it to come this earlyyy. ^^ But if they do another repackaging after they release the second MV[please come out soon!], I’m gonna be mad. xD

Hehe. Actually I wasn’t anticipating this album as much as I anticipated my original “ME” album, because I’ve already heard all the songs on the CD at least 100 times each, I’ve already seen everything on the DVD, and all the pictures in the photobook are from the same photoshoot so I thought it was kinda boring. ^^;

Mostly I was looking forward to the “desk calendar”. I expected it to be like.. all the pages were binded together? Or it stood up, or something? Isn’t that what a desk calendar usually is?

^^; Instead it was individual pieces of paper put in a CD case. Heheh. I was a little disappointed, but if it’s got Super Junior-M all over it, then you can’t be too upset, right? :D

I love the paper covering thing for the album though. LOL. It’s all new and clean and pretty and shiny, and it smells new and papery. xDD

Mostly, though, I think I enjoyed the bubble wrap in came in. Rofl.. xD It was fun and provided amusement for a couple hours. But I finished it all and threw it away. As for this album+”calendar”, I plan to keep it for a lifetime. <3

Pictures of the calendar? –>

Donghae – August 08

Kyuhyun – September 08

Henry – October 08

Siwon – November 08

Hangeng – December 08

Ryeowook – January 09

Zhou Mi – February 09


2 Responses

  1. WOW~~ So cool! I’m glad you got it earlier than you expected xD Have fun Ebah-chan~! (those calandar pics are hawt)

  2. Hankyuuuuuuung~<3333333

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