Yesterday, I happened to pass by while my parents were watching the Olympics and SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” was playing in the background. o___o I was so proud. xD There’s nothing like seeing or hearing Asian celebrities you like on American national television. Now, if only they’d show Hankyung’s torch run..

Oh yeah, I thought the Olympics’ opening was amazing. =O Makes me kinda proud to be Chinese.


Blah. For some reason, I’m full of envy right now.

Today was a pretty good day. Then my camera died. Then my Windows Movie Maker died. My laptop’s DVD drive died as well. Stupid electronics…
Ah, Eva, you’re so good with technology and electronic things,” my butt.

I dunno. .__. I didn’t really have anything [important] to say, but I hadn’t blogged for a couple days, unlike usual, so I wanted to confirm that I’m still alive. Oh yeah. I still can’t dance for crap. My voice is slowly healing. I’m tired. My bed got stained with red paint today. =/ Not my fault. Ah, my room is such a mess now.. TT___TT I’m really bored. I have no life. I need to record lines. Everybody else needs to update their blogs more often.

Oh well. Back to reading the Ouran Host Club manga. D:


My friend/”cousin” took this today. Don’t like this pic.
Ebah puunchh~


One Response

  1. They played girl’s generation? wow, congratulations to them. The chinese are doing so well!
    You’re so cute :DD Ebah punch~~ <3

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