Hm, so what’s new with me… Well, I spent the past couple days freaking out over SM global auditions. :D For now, I think I’m just gonna work hard… and later along the line, I’ll somehow ask my parents if I can go and THEN I’ll start worrying. ^^ Summer should be enjoyed. I came up with that conclusion last night.

I feel bad, though, because I’m auditioning without the full intentions of wanting to get in. >___< Although I know it’s not possible yet, but still…

For me, best case scenario is: I get to go there with my friends, I’m not nervous, I do well and don’t embarrass myself, and don’t get in. :D


Anyway… I spent the whole day today “babysitting”. D: Well it’s not really babysitting because they’re my friends and I spend the day playing with them. Rather, my dad’s babysitting, but all he does is stay in his room and watch TV or “try to find a job”.

For some reason, their mom gave me $50. LMAO. Long story, but my mom wouldn’t accept the money, so their mom made me take it. >___< I feel kinda rude ’cause I didn’t even do anything… I’ve been playing with these three girls for my whole life[well, 12 years of it]… They’re like sisters to me. D: And for the first time I’m getting paid for it. xDDDD I’m going to spend it all on [cheap] clothes + pretty things for the new school year! YEAH. :D This year I’m determined to make myself more likable. And more like..myself.

Today was a fun day. :D We found my old Terra Cotta clay thing I used in sixth grade to build a model of the Great Wall of China. :DDDD And we spent the WHOLE day creating small, cute things.

Everything I made: A cake, a cup [I didn’t do the carving], a heart bead with “EVA” engraved on it, a mini-Ebah chibi :D, a spoon, a bowl of ice cream w/ a cherry, and “eva”.


[Fork not made by me?]

:D I REALLY LIKED HOW THIS TURNED OUT. The letters are sooooo freaking small. D: I’m so proud of myself for being able to do that. Hahah. It’s a bead, and I made it with the intention of wearing on a necklace.. =/
But the thing is that this clay is terra cotta and is VERY breakable. If I wore it, it’d definitely break within five minutes.


Although I thought my favorite would be the mini-me, my favorite is definitely definitely definitely the cake I made. ^^ I love it so much, for some reason. LOL. Iono, but I think it’s really cute. Although I don’t like eating cake, I think cakes are REALLY CUTE and I’m kinda obsessed. xDD I also don’t like eating strawberries, but I think it’s cute! <3

Unforunately, it looks bad in pictures. =/ [‘Cause the lighting is hard.] You can’t really see the details I put on the strawberry or the leaf… The layers of the cake are kinda hard to see.. :D And I even did a layer to represent frosting. Gah. I can just eat it up! =3




Oishii~ Itadakimasu!


3 Responses

  1. hahaha, va-chin, you’re so cute! xD Making small cute things out of clay.. hehe -hugglessss- :3
    and yeah! don’t worry about the auditions too much~ <3

  2. Like Ruru said, don’t worry about the auditions so much! Just give it your all! <33

    Ahh, you’re little clay things are soooooooo cute!!! You’re so talented! <3

  3. haha~~ that’s so cute~ I like the cake~ strawberry~ mmm~~~

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