Grease [starring Chii]

Left to right:
Ngan-Ha [hyperNazn]
Kath [rawrrkathy]
Chii [ChiisanaChanx3]
Ugly Me [ex-waterpixie !]
[Ahah, look, Kath! I’m bending over and am your height. Dx]

Today, Kath, Ngan-Ha, and I went to watch an amateur production of the musical Grease. And guess who was playing the lead girl, Sandy? CHIICHAMA! UWAHHH I’M SO PROUD OF YOUUUU! <3333

The musical overall was awesome. The sets, outfits, and singing were FANTASTIC. The dancing and choreography could’ve been improved. But the one thing I didn’t like was the mics. =/ Way too many mic problems. Lots of them didn’t work at all, lots of them decided to work at RANDOM TIMES, some of them made staticy noises, some ear-piercing feedbacks, and the piano was WAY louder than the voices. For the most part, I couldn’t decipher what the heck the words were, be it talking or singing.

GAHHHH CHIII!!!!! <33333 I’m sooooo proud of you! <3 You did SUCH an unbelievably great job! <333 When I was watching you on that stage, and all the other eyes in the room were on you… man, that was the proudest I’ve ever been of you.

You were, no doubt, the best singer of the whole cast. That was the best singing I’ve ever heard from you. Better than all those recordings you’ve sent to me, which you should upload to youtube cough.

Ahhhh, you’re soooo cuteeeeeeee. You’re so cute! So cute! So cute!!! xD Sorry. I just can’t get over how cuuuuuuuute youu weeeereeeeeeee~~~~ <3 You were so precious! :DDD -glomps- Aw, my little Chiichama is just so adorably irresistable. Ahah sorry. Somewhere in my mind I always thought of her as kind of a sister. <3

Ahahahah, in the end, she had to come out wearing TIGHT LEATHER and heels, and omgg. Dx Who knew my adorable Chiichama could pull off sexy so well? -nyuu I don’t use that word very often-

I just love this girl so much. Now I shall go about rambling on about her like she’s a celebrity.

Heck, she could totally be one!

This is one of my best friends.
Online, she goes by the name Chiisana, which could potentially be nicknamed into Chii, Chiisa, or Sana. My personal nickname for her is Chiichama.

She…is the closest to perfect human being I know.

For one, she’s really, really, really, really, really insanely pretty! Dx The kind of pretty that could be described as both cute and beautiful; lucky girl. Personally I think she looks better in real life than in pictures, so I’m sorry most of you readers won’t be able to understand fully. =]

Secondly, gosh, this girl is really like an angel. So cute and innocent. Everything she does is adorable. Sometimes she’s a little slow, but her lostness never gets annoying like most other people.

For God’s sakes, her picture should be under the words “innocent” and “pure” in the dictionary. She’s one of the only couple people I know who is really against cussing. Poor girl had to say “hell” in the Grease musical and had a hard time with that. xD I’m not sure if she said anything worse, though, ’cause of the mic problems.

LMAO In one scene, she was supposed to have a fight, and gosh, she surprised me to UNBELIEVABLE DEPTHS when she came out of the curtains and POUNCED on the other girl. Like, literally pounce. D: I was like, “LOL IS THAT MY CHII?! Wowwww…” xD You’re even cute when you’re angry. -pinches cheeks-

And singing. AGHHHHHHHHHH. WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A NICE VOICE? It’s so unfair for the rest of the millions of people in the world!

Her stage presence is really wow. D: Maybe I’m a little biased, but I got a tiny bit bored in the scenes of Grease she wasn’t in. ^^;

Ahah, as you can probably tell, I practically have her on a pedestal in my mind. xD I love youu! If you’re reading this, will you marry me? :D Hahah, I’m just kidding.

If I was a guy, I’d hecka fall for her. No wonder she’s got sooo many guys who like her. D: And a stalker who prances around exclaiming his ‘love’ for her and how hot he thinks she is. xDDDDD Sorry. I just had to bring that up.

Even though she’s two years younger than me, I really admire Chii~

At the same time, I like to think of her as my younger sister. During the musical, when that Danny guy tried to kiss her, I wanted to strangle him. ^^;

When she finally decides to upload her beautiful singing, I hope everyone will watch her videos and give her lots of support! <3


4 Responses

  1. huh~? D:
    Chii’s born on year 1995?

    and I bet the play thingy was awesome~~ ::D
    teehee, Eva’s fangirling over Chiiiiii :D

  2. K-Kyaa.. T.T Ebahbah.. I feel so embarrassed right noow!! T.T

    I’m not that great~ T.T No way no way..

    I’ve never been fangirlled over beforee~

    Uhu.. T.T I feel really happy though..
    And I’m glad you liked the show~

    Alice in Wonderland is the next production ^^

    I’ll do my bestest!!

  3. Uwah!!! Chii-chan is so cute!! xD
    I wish I could’ve seen her perform ^^
    I bet she did great~~~ :D;

  4. Uwahhh~ Chii-san is so cuteeeee <3. She did so well and was so super special awesome and cute and i gotta superglomp her on the first day of school for this :3 We’re all going fangirl over Chiisanaa~

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