Random Vlog

Done with Kath/rawrrkathy[yt/wp] while I was at her house.

It..is really random and long and weird. ^^;

I look weird here. Sorry I acted really sarcastically. xD

PS;; I’m the normal one!


3 Responses

  1. AWW xDD
    this was so weird in a cute way! xD♥
    I was really laughing while Kath made those silly faces xD
    I love you two~♥

  2. xDDDD

    You BOTH are definitely not normal, but you two are really cute!!!!!!!! THAT WAS EASY! That was strange, but really funny! <33333

  3. that was worth my 8 minutes.
    you two are funny!!
    and random..
    it was super cute.
    more videos please

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